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Hall of Fame Selection Process


All nominations in the pool are provided to all members of the Hall of Fame Screening Committee. It shall be the charge of the Screening Committee to forward the best candidates eligible to the voters. The Committee and the Staff Coordinator have full authority to make nominations whenever it is deemed necessary to create the best ballot possible.

Preparation of the Ballot

The Staff Coordinator for the Hall of Fame shall receive the candidates from the Screening Committee and create the ballot and accompanying documentation (biographies, etc.) The ballot shall be reviewed by the President of the Hall of Fame and chair of the Screening Committee before it is released.

Submission to the Voters

Voters shall be:

  1. Inducted Hall of Famers
  2. Members of Hall of Fame Committees
  3. Selected members of the Track and Field Writers of America

No voter shall have more than one vote, regardless of the number of ballots received or qualified for. Any voter in a fixed voting role who fails to cast a ballot for two (2) consecutive years may be removed from the list of eligible voters until s/he requests and casts a ballot in a subsequent year.

Announcement of the Classes

Each September, a suitable announcement will be made of the inductees and the ceremonies for induction. Each inductee will be informed in person by the president of the Hall of Fame beforehand that s/he has been selected. In the case of a posthumous induction, the closest living relative of the inductee will be contacted and included in the ceremonies. Ceremonies will include presentation of a commemorative plaque and awarding of the Hall of Fame ring, a short speech by each inductee or their representative, and placement by the athlete inductees of such memorabilia in the Hall of Fame as they shall choose.

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