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Day 1 Morning Session Quotes - World Youth Championships

Tripp Piperi, shot put
On competing at World Youth Championships
“It was pretty interesting. I was pretty nervous up until the first throw itself. Then I messed up and didn’t think it was going to go as far as it did. It made it, so a lot of nerves were gone after that and I’m ready for later today.”
On how surreal it is to be able taking one throw that was good enough to move on
“It’s pretty interesting honestly. I have never really had to do that. I’m kind of happy that I don’t have to take any more throws. I’m in now, so I’m happy about that.”
On being nervous leading up to the competition
“I was pretty nervous. But after I threw it, I was not as nervous. I was very happy.”
Daniel Estrada, 1500 meters
On the race overall
“It was okay I think my start was pretty good. I think I didn’t hold my drive phase like I wanted to. I wanted to build up. I think it’s just the fact that it’s just the first race, so it gets me. After this race if I make it on to the next round, I think it should be good.”
Micaiah Harris
On finishing top-three in his heat and advancing to the finals
“It means a lot. I’m proud of myself and the way that I did and I’m looking forward to my finals.”
On lining up against international competition for the first time
“It was different - very different. A lot of people have different styles when they are getting ready to run.”
Isaiah Rogers, shot put
On the competition overall
“It was slow. I had a good first throw but I fouled it, so it didn’t count. Afterwards, I was just getting in my head a little, but I knew that I just had to throw it far enough to get into the finals. I tried to squeeze it out and I did. I got 12th.”
On competing against athletes from other countries
“It’s kind of cool. It’s like a really big high school meet. I feel like it’s like a mixture of different people. Since I live in America, I am already used to all different people, races and religions. It’s cool because it’s like a high school meet for me and a good experience."
Alexis Duncan, 100mH
On the race overall
“I was so ready to run. I was practicing in the hotel room on the floor - my block starts. This track is amazing. It just made me run even faster.”
On what it was like lining up against people from other countries
“I was actually excited to see what my competition was like all over the world, so that just gave me even more adrenaline to go even faster.”
On running a lifetime best and a World Youth lead
“It means a lot. I have been working really hard for this, and I really want this.”
Sam Noennig, discus
On competing overall
“Not my best day. I could have done a lot of technical things better, but it  was a great experience being here to throw with all these people.
The experience of warming up and getting into competition with athletes from other countries
“It was a little nerve racking to be honest, but I felt really comfortable with the surroundings, and a lot of the girls were really nice and they were fun to talk to.”
On representing Team USA
“It was amazing. It’s been a dream of mine for a very long time, and I’m glad that I could come out here and represent the way that I could.”
Brittley Humphrey, 100mH
On the race overall
“I had a really good start. I think it’s because the pedals here are really high, so my heel is really on it, so I really pushed out. Throughout the race, usually I slow down, but I felt like I was still having good turnover. After the last hurdle, I just gave it my all through the line and got a PR.”
On competing against athletes from around the world
“It was crazy. We were standing back there, I was like, ‘Wow! This is really real. I’m about to race against the other countries.” I was thinking that back home I know who I’m competing against and what their best times are. But here, everybody is fast and everybody is ready to run.”
On any advice from her older brother, a World Youth Championships silver medalist
“He just told me to focus on your race and don’t focus on everybody else because a lot of coaches do different things and they have different techniques and stuff - just do what I usually do.”
On what it means to represent Team USA
“It is amazing. I never want to take this jersey off. It’s a great feeling. I love it.”
Keshun Reed, 400m
On his race strategy
“My plan was to get out, stay relaxed and with my race strategy, execute it. On the home stretch, it was just working on hammering my arms and powering hard and driving and finishing.”
Madison Yerigan, High Jump
On how jumps felt throughout the competition
“I felt like I started really strong. I felt good. I didn’t miss once, got them all on my first try and that got my confidence up. My first attempt at 1.77m, I missed and I had to wait for the gun (to start a race). I was kind of in a routine and that messed with my head a little bit. But that’s not an excuse. The last one I felt like I was pretty close, but I think I just got too much in my head.”
On how it feels to represent Team USA
“It’s still an honor to represent Team USA. This is the funnest track meet I have ever been a part of. It has been amazing. All these girls (I was jumping against) are amazing.It’s just an honor to be able to compete with them.”
On if this has been preparation for the future
“I’m going to work on my mental game more and work on getting my leg stronger and stronger so that I can come back and represent Team USA again.”
Josephus Lyles, 400m
On the race overall
“I felt good. I got a good start. The French guy was a little bit out on me, so I knew I had to go and get him on the turn. We came off the home stretch and he was pushing me, so I had to pull away a little bit and then I had to shut it down a little bit because I didn’t want to use too much energy in the first round.”
On his time of the finish
“I was trying to go 47-flat or 46-high. My competition made me run a little faster, but it’s all in good spirit. A 46.2 makes me feel good about the final race.”
“Nothing. Just being relaxed and everything. If I could run a nice 45 in the finals, I wouldn’t be mad. “
Keshun (Reed) and I are roommates, and we’ve been talking about going 1-2 in the finals. If I lose to anybody, I would hope it would be Keshun, my teammate.
Justes Nance, Long Jump
On his jumps from Day 1 of competition
“My first one was off, but other than that, my second one felt kind of good.”
On what it felt like to face international competition
“I was nervous a little bit, but I’m really excited about finals.”
On what he is looking forward to for the final
“Just the competition. I’m looking forward to jumping. I still there is a lot of improvement. I think I’ve had some routine jumps that I can improve on.”
Symone Mason, 400m
On the race overall and her strategy
“I felt pretty good. I got a good lead, so I just tried to maintain the lead and not try to go out too hard because I still have two more rounds to go so I have to pace myself.”
On preparations for the next round
“I just want to keep the same mindset that I had from my other races - not lose focus and not be intimidated by other countries because this is a new environment. I’m just going to keep doing what I did to get here.”
On representing Team USA
“I’m very honored to be here and I’m glad I get to represent the people back home. It’s just an honor, and I hope I can bring back a gold medal.”
Josephine Schaefer, Discus
On recovering after fouling on the first attempt
“After fouling to the right, there is a specific thing that makes that happen, so I knew how to fix that and felt really good about the next one coming back. I knew I had two more chances and that I would have plenty of time to fix it. The other two felt really good. I know they didn’t quite get there, but they were really, really close to that line. Hopefully, that’s good enough to get me into the final. I felt good about what happened today.”
On competing for Team USA as a member of the World Youth Championships team
“It’s just such an honor to be with literally all the other top-level athletes in the world. Just being with that group of the throwers and the group of athletes on Team USA, we’re seeing them before the world gets to see them. To be a part of that is such an honor. It’s such a great experience being here in beautiful Colombia. I was talking to my parents last night about seeing the stadium and right down the left sector line is the statue of Jesus (Christo Rey), so in the turn you are looking at Jesus as you throw.”
Lynna Irby, 400m
On her race strategy
“At first I was really, really nervous and had to keep telling myself that this should be a pretty easy round. When I was running, I was thinking that I should just make up the stagger, try to keep the stagger and then by the time I got to the 100 meters left, I was like, ‘Alright, you know you can shut it down and maybe cruise a little bit, but just win your heat.’ That’s what this was about - winning my heat.
On reactions to racing against people from all over the world
“It’s really exciting. This girl behind me kept trying to give me advice, but I couldn’t understand what she was saying, so I don’t know if she was giving me advice because she was nodding her head and smiling. I said thank you, but I wasn’t really sure what she was saying.”
On what it means to represent Team USA
“It means a whole bunch. I never thought I would make it this far, but I have. It’s only motivation to keep going from here.
Denzel Harper, Long Jump
On his jumps throughout the day
“I don’t know what was going on. On my first jump, I hit the board and the second one was exactly the same as the first one. The last one was the furthest one, but it didn’t feel like I was on the board.”
On competing against athletes from other countries
“When I saw how far they were going, I was like, ‘Wow,” because I had never seen a 17-year-old jump this far ever.
On what it means to be a part of Team USA
“I mean it means a lot. They didn’t just take everybody who got first or second. They chose everybody. They saw something in me that they didn’t see in other people.”
Corey Poole, 400mH
On how is race shaped up
“Well, I kind of stuttered a lot, which wasn’t really my plan. My plan was to go smoothly over the first four, but I still wanted to have a strong  finish.”
On competing at this event and for Team USA
“It’s really amazing. I went from just talking about this last fall during cross country to now I’m here.”
Norman Grimes, 110mH
On his race plan overall
“Going in, the plan was to just stay smooth and calm and win my heat. I felt like I had passed everyone from 1 to 200, and then I just brought it home and kept it under control. “
It’s awesome. I feel like you get just the jersey and having these three letters across your chest, you get so much more attention than you deserve and it’s a real honor.

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