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Day 2 Evening Session Quotes

Alexis Duncan, 100mH
After running sub-13 in semifinals
“I feel amazing. This is my dream right here. This means so much to me I can’t even talk. This is the best track I have ever run on. I told everybody I wanted to run a 12.9, and I got it. I’ve been training really hard. I’ve taken a couple “Ls,” some losses, to get me to where I am today, so I’m really thankful for this awesome time.
Josephus Lyles, 400m
On if the semifinal race was what he expected
“It went pretty much how I thought it was going to go. I got out at a good pace, and I ate up the curve and came off the straightaway, and we were right next to each other and then Christopher (Taylor of Jamaica) ran away. It was a good race. I was definitely try to not lose my birth to the finals. He ran well, so we got a sneak preview to what the finals are going to be like tomorrow.”
I’m definitely excited. I didn’t see the time I ran, but I know (Christopher Taylor of Jamaica) ran well and I feel like I ran really well. Tomorrow, it’s going to be fun in the finals. 
Keshun Reed, 400m

On how the semifinal race was different from the qualifying heats
“It was the same. There wasn’t anything different. I just tried to keep everything the same and win the semifinals.”
On what he is looking forward to in the finals
“I’m looking forward to a great race.”
Rachel Baxter, Pole Vault
On vaulting overall
“It was rough. In warm-up, I got one full runthrough in and didn’t take any up, so I was very emotional going into it. I’m really, really glad I made it (to the finals), and I’m excited.”
On what it means to be going to the finals
“I don’t even know. I’m so happy right now. I don’t even know.”
 On representing Team USA
“It’s unbelieveable. Watching the Olympics and saying I want to be there, now I am one step closer to being there, which is unbelievable.”
Carson Dingler, Pole Vault
On a tough beginning but finally clearing bars
“After the first two (misses), I thought I was going to no-height it, but then I made it work.”
On what she adjusted to keep jumping
“You have to just think about everything in your head: how you have to have your run, how you have to have your place and your upside down and top and everything together.”
Lynna Irby, 400m
On her race strategy
Today was a little bit different because the competition was stiffer. I tried to remember to get out of the blocks really fast and make up the stagger, and then just lift going home.”
On running a 52
“I didn’t think it would happen today. I’m just shocked and excited.”
Jayla Kirkland, 100m bronze medalist
On competing in the final
 “I was confident because I was ranked third coming into the race, so it gave me a lot of confidence coming in and running fast. “
On what it means to be a bronze medalist
“It feels great. It’s a wonderful feeling.”
Candace HIll, 100m champion
On being nervous for her first international final
“I was really nervous. This has been the most nervous I have ever been because of the close race going through the prelims and the semifinals, but then I was just like, ‘Let me just stay relaxed, stay focussed and do my best.”
On preparing for the finals after the semis
“After the semis, I had to go back to the practice track to warm-up for the finals, so it was a lot for me but I managed to get through it.”
Thoughts on running 11.08 under these conditions
“I felt like the track is perfect, and I don’t know about the wind, but I didn’t mind, but it was great.”
On becoming a gold medalist for Team USA
“It means the world to me. Coming into this race, that was my goal. Winning a gold medal for Team USA, I’m just so, so thankful.”

On how she feels after setting a new Championships record
“I feel speechless right now. I didn’t think I would actually be a world champion. I am a world champion. It’s so amazing.”
Sophia Rivera, shot put silver medalist
On competing in two events
“It was crazy. I was going back and forth each throw. They actually let me move my throwing position in each event so that I would be able to throw second in shot put and last in javelin just so that I could do both events. I wouldn’t change my results for the world.”
On what it feels like to be a silver medalist
“I can’t even describe it right now. I mean just the thought of being second in the world is just sensational. I can’t think of any other words to describe it. I can barely describe the emotions I’m going through right now, but it’s just an honor to be able to do that.”
Brittley Humphrey, 100mH silver medalist
On her thoughts coming into the race
“I didn’t even think I was able to go that fast, but I got a good start and I just kept running.”
On how challenging the international field was
 “I couldn’t really tell. One of my main weaknesses is that I don’t focus on my race, so I was just trying to focus on my race this time. I was able to see the girl that won, but I was like, ‘Get out of it. Just focus on your race. Focus on your way,”
On what advice her Word Youth Silver medalist brother gave her
“He told me to get focussed on my race because he knows how I am with hurdles, and I watch other people in the race. He just said, “Focus on your race, Brittley, so that’s what I tried to do. “
On what it means to bring home silver in the 110mH after her brother won the 100m hurdles
“He’s probably going to say I copied him or something.I know he is very happy, and I’m very happy, and I just think it’s kind of cool that we both were able to finish.
On what this has prepared here for the future
“I definitely want to try out for World Juniors when that comes around in a couple years. it just helped me build my confidence because I kind of struggled a little bit before this, so it is nice.”

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