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Day 4 Quotes - IAAF World Youth Championships

Candace Hill, 200m gold medalist and World Youth record holder
(Also 100m gold medalist at 2015 WYC)
On the race overall
I had a good start. I feel like all parts of my race were amazing, and at the home straight, I just had to give it all I had and finish strong. The crowd was wild, and they were like, ‘New World Youth record,’ and I was like, ‘What did I run?’ It was 22.43, and I was like, ‘Oh my God!’”
“I feel like the race was one of my best races ever. I feel like I hit everything. I had a great start. I came off the turns well, and I just kept on going.”
On winning two gold medals at World Youth Championships
“It means a lot. My goal was just to have a PR, but to actually bring home another gold medal is just so amazing.”
On what her secret is for success
“Train hard, stay focussed and relaxed. I feel like staying relaxed helped me.”
On how she finished
“I thought I could run 22.9, but not 22.4. That’s way beyond what I expected.”
Lauren Rain Williams, 200m silver medalist
On the stages of the race
“It was really good. I got out really well, and I was able to maintain and I’m really proud of my time and just being here is such a blessing.”
On going 1-2 in the final with Candace Hill
“We knew it was going to be 1-2, so I’m really glad that we were able to do that.”
On finishing in under 23 seconds
“That was my goal from the first time I did 22.8. I just really wanted to go under it one more time, and I was able to do that. It’s been such an amazing journey this whole year.”
On progressing with her time through every round
“I’ve been really excited since the first day we got here, so I just knew that each day I just had to save it, and today was just a really great day.”
Josephus Lyles, 200m bronze medalist
(Also a 400m gold medalist of 2015 WYC)
On how he’s feeling after so many rounds and so many races
“I’m actually feeling kind of tired - not going to lie. It was really hard. I wasn’t even going to run because my legs were a little shot. I just got some good treatment and came and toughed it out.”
On pushing at the very end to secure a medal
“When I came off the turn I was in like fourth or fifth, so when I came off the turn, I was like, ‘I know I have to push.’”
On being a double medalist
“It means the world. It feels great. To go get em for Team USA feels great!”
Sammie Davis, 800m gold medalist
(Also a 4x400m relay gold medalist - ran anchor leg)
On her race and strategy
“I went in really nervous and scared, but I was doing what I needed to do to win and hoping to get a personal best. I did both, so I’m really happy with how the race went.”
On her last lap when she made the move and the battle to the finish
“I just tried to remain calm and not try to tense up to try to speed up and accelerate. I just tried to relax and keep pumping my arms, and just hold on and hope that I would finish.”
On strategy for time with her coach
“We’ve been trying to race to win and hope that the time will take care of itself. I like being on the outside of lane 1, so I would be able to react to anything and not get boxed in.”
Tara Davis, long jump gold medalist
On taking the lead and sealing a personal best
“My second to last jump was tied with first place, and then the last jump I knew I had to go for it. I went with all my power and all my might, and just put it out there.”
 On her last jump setting a PR
“My parents started going crazy, and I just knew it was a big jump.”
On what it means to win a medal for Team USA
“It means everything. I’ve always wanted to be a winner. I’ve always wanted to be on that podium, and now I am and it just feels fantastic.”
4x400m Mixed Relay, gold medal
Keshun Reed, first leg
(Also a 400m bronze medalist at 2015 WYC)
Coach Morgan was telling me to get us the lead. My job was to get us the lead. I ended up getting us the lead, and I was proud to put my team into a position, where we could come up with a W.”
On running against male and female athletes
“It was the same. I prepared for it the same way that I did yesterday.”
Lynna Irby, second leg
(Also a 400m silver medalist at 2015 WYC) 

On the strategy for her part of the race
“For me, I think Keshun really put me in a good position to really get out well and try to open up the gap to make it a lot easier for my next two teammates. It was really nice. I loved it. It was fun. I was really happy we were able to get the gold for USA.”
On how she is feeling after yesterday
“My energy was a lot more fueled up today. I got breakfast and lunch in, so it was great.”
Norman Grimes, third leg
(Also a 400mH gold medalist at 2015 WYC)
On his portion of the race
“Lynna gave us a great lead. I saw how far ahead she was, so it lifted a big weight off of my shoulders. I still knew that those girls behind me were really going to go for it. This was the hardest week I have ever had, running three 400s and my legs were dead. It definitely wasn’t easy, but I didn’t want to let these guys down since they’ve worked so hard all week. I just wanted to make sure that I did my part.”
On it being a long time since he last ran a 400m race
“I was just praying that my legs were going to hold it together, and they did.”
Sammie Watson, anchor
(Als an 800m gold medalist at 2015 WYC)
On approaching the last leg with the lead against a male, anchor-leg field
“I was thinking I’m not trying to get caught, and I’m didn’t want to just disappoint myself or my team or everyone here or watching us. I ran as fast as I could and ignore the pain and try to finish strong.”
On what enabled her to recover from a sameday 800m victory and turn around to run the 4x400m relay
“I wanted another medal, and I wanted another chance to race and improve my times and just get the experience of running with a team and all the relays.”
On whether running right away was her choice or a coach’s decision
“I asked to do it. I love running, so it’s been fun.”

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