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Day Eight Morning Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships



Jeremy Taiwo - Withdrew prior to pole vault due to left knee injury

"Before the hurdles, I couldn't get over one hurdle in the warm up. So I just went out and hoped the adrenaline would get me through. It did. I decided that I needed to take it one event at a time. I needed to finish this. Pole vault warm-ups, I tried to see if I was going to be able to get up to top speed. I couldn't get to the box or off the ground from my long approach or my short approach. That was the final straw where I knew I should bow out. I had been battling it since long jump and I couldn't hold on any longer.”


"It was a tough decision, and one I didn't want to make. It was a battle between my will to finish, and my instinct for what my future may be. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do [indoors]. I would be ecstatic if the USA chose me to represent my country, especially since it's in the Northwest. But if I'm not chosen, it will impact how I work towards making the Olympic team. A million things are running around in my head. But I just need to get home, take time off, feel healthy. And see if I want to start this journey."


Men’s 50k Race Walk - Final

John Nunn

“Through the first 35k, things were solid. I felt really good. Shortly thereafter, I just kind of I had some cramping. I had a hamstring strain we found earlier in the week, so we worked on it the last couple of days. I stayed calm, but the last 15k, both hamstrings were cramping up. It’s just frustrating, fighting through. I was cardiovascularly strong, I just couldn’t get the turnover.


“I went through halfway in 1:58 which would have put me at 3:56 if I could have held it. It’s frustrating. It’s there. Maybe we’ll get it in time for Rio. I just have to get the hamstrings figured out.”


“World Champs in Moscow was an absolute disaster. It’s an improvement, a step in the right direction. It’s just not what I was hoping. Good solid first two thirds. We’ll work on the last third.”


Women’s 4x400m Relay - First Round

Phyllis Francis

“I just wanted to get out, keep the baton in first and make sure I give my team a good lead so that they can take it out and win the heat and move on to the finals.”


Jessica Beard

“Once I got the lead, I felt like I needed to maintain or extend it from what she also did on first leg and also for the third leg. Just tried to work both hands, and I just wanted to finish strong and make sure that all the other legs didn’t have to overwork – that everybody put for the effort and that nobody had to really exert a lot of energy because we’re going to have a really fast final tomorrow.”


Sanya Richards-Ross

“My body felt good. I think I was a little mentally anxious, drained and a lot of mental emotions, so I think tomorrow will be better. I got some rust off and I’m looking forward to teaming up with our best ladies tomorrow.”


“I was really happy with how Jessica (Beard) and Phyllis (Francis) ran, and I really wanted to get out well and then just hold it. I wanted to just make sure that I have legs going into tomorrow and I’m fresh and ready to run fast, so I was really excited and you actually can hear the crowd as you come around the track, which I think is really cool for a morning session prelim and for them to be that excited.”


Francena McCorory

“When I got the baton, I was just happy that we had a lead. I knew we would have a lead. And you know Sanya is one of the best 400-meter runners in the world, so it’s always comfortable running behind her. I knew when I got the baton I just wanted to bring it in nice and easy, so I could have energy for tomorrow.”


Men’s 4x400m Relay - First Round

Kyle Clemons

“Honestly, I was nervous as heck. This is my first World Championships outdoors and I was nervous. Tony and Bryshon were like, ‘yeah Kyle, control yourself, calm down, calm down.’ They were telling me to ‘calm down, there’s no difference than any other race, just calm down, focus, you got it man. Just do what you do. Do what got you here.’ That kind of helped knowing that, they encouraged me. Honestly, I just got out and the job was to clear the pack and that three or four and bring it home and that’s what I did to take care of business.”


Tony McQuay

“My mission was to go out there and get control of the race. I feel like I did that. I got a little tightened up at the end. It’s expected at this level that people are going to come out and challenge you, but at the end of the day I gave the stick off clean to Bryshon and he was able to pull it through for the team.”


Bryshon Nellum

“Every year, every team is trying to beat us. No matter if it’s the Bahamas one year, Jamaica one year or Trinidad, we’re going to go out there and worry about USA.”


“It was a little rough at the beginning of the start, but I was able to keep my composure and stay patient and make sure I get the baton off in first.”


Vernon Norwood

“I have to give credit to Kyle Clemons, Tony McQuay and Bryshon Nellum that brought me to the lead and my job was to just secure the lead and bring us home for the victory today.”


“My strategy was to get the lead, build on the lead, continue that lead to get bigger and bigger to bring it home.”


Women’s 4x100m Relay - First Round

English Gardner

“It’s always nerve wracking for me. Three other girls are relying on me to start off the momentum. So for a team like us for the 4x1, it all starts with the first leg and you’re going to have to start the show, and you’ve got to start it good. I had to do my job and my job was to get out there and put my team in a position leading into the later legs that they would be able to run it comfortably to help save some of their energy, so I don’t mind going out hard and having a little fun.”


Allyson Felix

“It felt good. We just wanted to have safe exchanges, be patient and get the stick around. It felt good. It’s going to be a tough one, but I think that we have a great group of girls coming together, and we’re going to do a good job and we’re going to get it done.”


Jenna Prandini

“My [leg] was good. I knew Allyson (Felix) was going to put us in a good lead and I wanted to take the baton and get the stick around.”


Jasmine Todd

“It was great. I was really confident, so we just wanted to get the stick around and get into the final. “


Men’s 4x100m Relay - First Round

Trayvon Bromell

“I felt like I reacted well. I stumbled when I came out a little bit. When I came up, I felt good where I was. I just wanted to push a little harder coming to Justin and hand off the baton good.”


Justin Gatlin

“We listened to our coaching staff -- safe, easy passes around the track. We weren’t worried about time, we were just worried about staying in front, winning our heat and getting to the finals.”


Tyson Gay

“It was okay. I have to make some adjustments. I didn’t get out as hard as I was supposed to. I just wanted to get through easy and healthy.”


Mike Rodgers

“I just wanted to win the heat. I saw I had some distance, so I shut it down to save some energy for tonight.”


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