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Day Five Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Women’s Pole Vault Final

Sandi Morris

“Fourth in my first World Championships is not too shabby, I’ll take it.”


“I was definitely more confident than I was in prelims. In Prelims there was this pole that I didn’t quite get into the pit. When that happens, your confidence level goes down just a little bit. I got through prelims and I got here and I ended up starting on that pole. I was going up poles all day. I came in at opening and made everything on first attempts. The goal when you go into any competition is to keep every bar clean. That’s why I got fourth place. I didn’t have any misses up until the bar that I went out at. That is an incredible accomplishment for my first Worlds. It’s such an honor to be here and come in and do something like that.”


Jenn Suhr

It was kind of a tough competition. In warmups I ran through the pad and pulled my groin. It’s one of those things. We stayed on small poles and tried to work through it. In the end, I just needed to be really myself out there. It’s unfortunate to come all this way and have that happen.


“I ran through the pad to get my mark and just stepped funny on the first run through.”


Women’s 200 Meters - Qualifying
Candyce McGrone

“I executed my race and just held it from there. I did (have nerves). This stadium is huge. But I got over it when I was out there doing my pop out.”

“(At the end of the curve) I just knew I was ahead, I just kept the pace I came on with.”


Jenna Prandini

“My main goal is to make it through and I did that. I haven’t raced since US Champs, so I knocked a little rust off and it went well.”


“The crowd is crazy and it’s fun to run here. I thought I’d be more nervous. It’s definitely exciting to be out on that track. It’s been a long season, but I’m excited and ready to run fast.”


Jeneba Tarmoh

“I just tried to do what my coach tells me: run a really aggressive turn, push it hard for the first 120, find my position and don’t die too bad.”


Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles - Final

Shamier Little

“I set my race up, that was a big part of it. Bringing it home was another big part of it. I made sure I stayed tough. That’s what I did and that’s what made a difference between today and yesterday and any of my other races.


“It’s exciting. It’s just great. What I’ve accomplished so far in just coming here from just getting in by just a bare bit. Finishing with a medal is a big deal to me.”


Cassandra Tate

“You dream of stuff like this. I was very consistent in the first two rounds and I knew I’d have to do the same thing in order to get a medal. I’m happy I was able to keep myself in the race and get a medal.”


“We still have time, there’s lot more rounds, lots more events. I’m not worried at all. The US will come through as always.”


“It’d definitely a confidence booster. This has brought me tons of experience. This is my first time at the senior level in the 400 hurdles individually. To come home with a medal gives me confidence for next year.”


Men’s 200 Meters - Semifinal

Justin Gatlin

“Unfortunately Wallace and Isiah couldn’t be here and support Team USA, I’m a lone wolf out there and I had to represent strong.”


“I basically had to get out there and get a good start. I had two guys in front of me, so I wanted to make sure I broke the stagger as soon as possible and take control of the race, take control of the turn and just command the race all the way down the straightaway.


“I didn’t feel like I was running 19.87 for sure. I think that I have a lot left in the tank to give. I just have to control the race, especially the second half down the straightaway and I think we’ll be able to bring it home.”


Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase - Final

Stephanie Garcia

“I was expecting to finish in the top 10, that was my goal. Secretly I wanted to finish in the top eight to score points for the US. I felt comfortable top 10. It was a good race. I didn’t think about much, just competing. When those girls went with about 800 to go, I couldn’t cover that move, but I’m excited. I’m hungry for next year. This is good experience to get me where I want to be for Rio.”


Emma Coburn

“My training has proven to me that in theory I can close hard in my last kilometer. My coaches and I have been making workouts to try and have that happen. I was excited to sit back and make it a three-lap race. I took a really aggressive third from last water jump and was able to get out of the bubble I was in and take the lead and I tried to press from there on out. With 250 to go, I felt great and I felt strong that I could get a medal.”


“I’m really disappointed right now. I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to beat myself up. I feel like I did everything I could. I really thought with 250 to go I was in contention for a medal. It’s a hard pill to swallow when that doesn’t work out that way, but I’ll move on.”


Colleen Quigley

“I went out in the back of the pack. That was my plan to sit there as long as I could and then just start picking off people. People went out too fast. The pace was not fast, I would have thought we’d go through quicker. I think I was expecting it to string out more. The pack was three lanes almost the whole race. I stayed on the back and stayed on the rail as long as possible. I only ended passing three people which was a little disappointing. Although my legs, that’s all I had in me tonight.”


Men’s 400 Meters - Final

LaShawn Merritt

“It was a great final and I ran a personal best. It was a long season for me, but to go out and run a personal best and still get a silver, lets me know there’s some amazing talent in this 400 right now. The only thing I can do is to continue to work hard and continue to stay motivated and come out every race and give it my all.”


“I didn’t know where I was in the race (on the last curve). The main thing was to go out and execute a race. I was out in lane 8, I felt like I handled it well. I got off the curve and ran like I was supposed to. The guy who won it was on 43.4 pace. That’s running.”


“I hadn’t run well all year, but I’m a championship guy. I love the sport, I love the limelight. I knew I had to come out and execute a race and that’s what I did. I take the personal best, I’ll take the silver and shine it up and add it to my collection.”


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