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Day Five Morning Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Women’s Hammer Throw - Qualification

Amanda Bingson

“My throws -- it’s been a rough season overall for me. Today was garbage. It was rough, altogether it was a rough year. Towards the end, we kind of got a glimpse of what it should be on the regular. Hopefully this year, take a little step back that way we can take a giant leap forward for next year in 2016 when it really counts. This is always good fun and good practice, but next year is what we’re banking on. I’m excited for it. All in all, fingers crossed hoping we can make that top 12.”


DeAnna Price

“I tried to come out of the woodwork and just try to hit one. The first one I didn’t go well, the second one I caged it. That was kind of my little power right there. Third one, I got out to the field, but it just wasn’t enough. If I would’ve opened up at 68 then it would have got the ball started.”


“You sit there and you know you have more, but you see it’s not there.”


Amber Campbell

“Well, I just wanted to start off strong, I really didn’t have a distance in mind. I wanted to make sure I was hitting the ques I’d been hitting in practice and it worked out pretty well. 72.06 for an opening and the only throw today."


Men’s 5000 Meters - Heats

Ben True

“I think the final’s going to be pretty similar. It’s good to get through. I tried to stay as relaxed as possible and stay on the rail, try not to get too antsy. My patience was running a little thin when everyone was pushing and shoving. I kept going up to to try to go past them and settle back down and stay as relaxed as possible. Coming around the last corner, I put a little surge in and the last 50 meters I kind of coasted. Obviously it bodes well for Saturday.”


Ryan Hill

“It’s always tense, it takes years off my life I think. Without even looking at the clock, I could feel we were running much faster. I was happy because I knew 10 guys would get through. At that point, I could relax, kind of sit in 12th and had a strategy how to race my way into the top 10. It’s a lot easier than getting top 5 and putting yourself out there a lot more.”


Galen Rupp

“I just wanted to get through as easy as possible. That’s the thing you want to do in these prelims to qualify. I think everyone kept the race honest, watching the first hurt. I just tried to run as even as possible.”


Men’s Triple Jump - Qualification

Will Claye

“I’m still in shock. I don’t even know what happened. It just wasn’t my day. That’s the only way I can see it. I went out there and gave it my all. It just wasn’t my day. I have to make my rules and get ready for next season.”


Omar Craddock

“It was fun. My first jump I felt very choked up, even on the second. I felt very choked up. On the second one, I was going for it all. I got the qualifying mark, I was happy with it and I’m going on to the final. This is my second world championships team and my first final.”


Christian Taylor

“I was very relaxed at the beginning. It’s difficult to start so early in the morning. I’ve been up since 5 o’clock and didn’t even have coffee. My coaches said stay relaxed, keep the nerves down. I got through, nice to get the big “Q.” You don’t have to sweat it and go down to the centimeters. Omar was with me again and that made me very happy to get two USA guys through. We’ll take 24 hours now to go back down and relax, come back tomorrow and get on this podium.”


Marquis Dendy

“My first one (jump) was going to be really, really good had I not kicked myself a little bit and landed awkward. My second one was an improvement but still behind the board. My last one was kind of behind the board again, so I didn’t end up furthering. I had tied for 12th and the last jump wasn’t better so I ended up tied for 13th. I can’t be too, too mad, but I am disappointed.”


Women’s 800 Meters - Heats

Molly Ludlow

“From the beginning, I didn’t feel sharp. I felt flat from the second I started. I told myself I was going to lead to get out of the trouble and stuff. I just didn’t have the momentum in me for it to lead, so I didn’t. I felt pretty good about it until about 650, then I was so lactic and I felt like I had one speed and it wasn’t fast.”


Brenda Martinez

“I made the biggest mistake. I settled behind and got on the rail and a space did not open at all until maybe 100 meters to go. The whole time I was licking my chops. When I finished, I wasn’t even tired. I shouldn’t be racing like that. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but happy to make it through and fix it by tomorrow.”


Alysia Montano

“I tried to regroup my step out of the pack really quick. It’s just a little clip when we all started to move. I don’t know -- it happened so fast. Honestly I just have to figure it out. It was a really, really easy pace, it was good.”


“I felt really, really good. I just felt like I just had to cruise in 200 meters. That’s a really long way to run and then have what happen happen.”


Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles - Heats

David Oliver

“It was cool. I just tried to get out and execute the first couple of hurdles well and execute, relax and make sure you qualify. That’s the name of the game. I feeling ready to go, healthy. We all just have a clean slate tomorrow evening. It doesn’t really matter what you did today, you just have to make sure you’re going into tomorrow.”


Aleec Harris

“It was just a blessing to get through and get the “Q” beside my name. It wasn’t the cleanest race especially hurdle six and seven, I hit it pretty bad. It kind of threw my momentum back but we got in, so that’s the main focus.”


Aries Merritt

“My race is very, very good. I had a really good start, and then from there I just took control of the race and tried to run very clean. Executing has been one of my issues that I’ve been having this year  with hitting hurdles and not finishing my trail leg, so I made sure today that I didn’t have any of those issues. I deliberately finished my trail leg after every single hurdle. That’s what I worked on today, and then I just ran through the line a little bit.”


“Being here is very rewarding. As you know, three days after the final I will be having surgery, a kidney transplant, so I’m just trying to focus on these championships to not think about the transplant, taking it one round at a time.’


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