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Day Four Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Women’s Discus Throw - Final

Gia Lewis-Smallwood

“For me personally, I strained my back a week ago, so I have a sprain. I just couldn’t pull the trigger tonight, I just couldn’t do it. It’s a little disappointed.”

Whitney Ashley

“My first one was a foot foul and it really threw me off. So, my second one I was really conservative, too conservative and I thought you’ve got one more chance. I did go for it, I got 61.05, ninth. One out of the final. I’m okay with that, it could be worse.

Women’s 400 Meters - Semifinal

Phyllis Francis

“I’m just so happy I made it. I wanted to get out then stay with the group. Then the last 150, I wanted to kick and just go from there.”

“I’m happy that I get a day off tomorrow to rest, recover, then try this all over again.”

Allyson Felix

I wanted to control it. I was being pushed a little bit. I had to keep going a little but that was the plan. I wanted to do both, I’ve done the 200 quite a bit. I just thought that this was a good opportunity to step up and see what happened.”

Men’s Long Jump - Final

Jeff Henderson

“I felt good. The jumps were good. I was just a little bit over on the board. The first jump was good. The second jump was okay. On the third one, we moved up a bit to see if we could get on the board or move closer to the board, and then I fouled on the third. It’s a hard pill to swallow. There are no words I can say about how disappointed I am.”

Mike Hartfield

My jumps today felt really good, but again, I just executed really poorly and I feel that next time I really need to not act like a rookie and execute much better - be more focused and not just wired up. But again, I’ve got to jump the way I know I can jump.”


Men’s 200 Meters - Heats

Isiah Young

“I thought I ran well, I just came up short. I couldn’t tell you what happened. I thought I got out good, kept my form. I don’t know. I didn’t do as well as I needed to.”

Justin Gatlin

“The race felt good. Coach just said to dominate from the start, work the curve, come off the curve attacking, hold my form in the straightaway and just ease into it.

“I’m pretty much a native to China now. I’ve been here so many times, I think that’s where I gather a lot of my fan base here. Obviously having been with a Chinese company and before that just being here for the Golden Leagues and the Diamond League. Just to be here and enjoy it, I’ve been here so many times, I love it.”


Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles - Final

Kerron Clement

“It felt good up until hurdle 8 then I started stutter stepping. That really cost me the race. I’ll be okay. 48.18 is a season’s best, I’ll take that.”

Women’s 1500 Meters - Final

Shannon Rowbury

“It was so slow, I might as well have a clear path. I had a feeling it would go early, so I was just trying to match it. I just couldn’t match the move with the front eight at the beginning. I was just trying to pick off anybody at the end, but I just didn’t have it in me. I gave it my best.”

“I would have like to have brought home a medal for the US and definitely higher than seventh, but I gave it what I had and I definitely didn’t have much left in the last 100 meters. I guess better that than playing the safe way than not even knowing what I could’ve done.”

Jenny Simpson

“I was jogging along with everyone else and I kind of paid the price for it. Dibaba made a big move and I got shoved into the traffic. My shoe even ripped, I got spiked bad enough, it totally ripped when it came off. It stayed part way on, it wasn’t the fault of not tying it tight enough or something. I just was unlucky. I was unlucky and ran 700 meters or so with the shoe not totally on and then 500 with it totally off. You can’t run under 60 seconds when you don’t have a show on, at least I found out today that I can’t. I’m bummed.”

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