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Day One Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles - Round 1

Michael Tinsley

“It was a decent race. I had a few mistakes hitting hurdles, but all in all it was a good race. I came up to the set position a little bit late, I didn’t hear it, so I kind of rushed the beginning of my race because of that. I’ll be more focused tomorrow.”


Kerron Clement

“The plan was to come out here and run a smooth race, the first 200 meters and then picked it up the last hundred meters. I didn’t really panic when I saw the guys in front of me. I know my speed will take my speed will take me to the finish. I did that off the last hurdle and I cruised in for the win.”


Bershawn Jackson

“It felt bad from the beginning. I tried to reach for the first hurdle. Once my race started, it was all bad. The first hurdle was too far away, I had to reach for it. I tried to regain my momentum and take my time for the first round, the race got so far away in front of me. I tried to pick up. When I picked up, I shortened my strides. I should have just stayed wide. I couldn’t make 10. It’s a disappointing race for me, very disappointing.”


“I overcame so much the last few years and I just felt like this was the one. Training was going awesome. I don’t know if I put too much pressure on myself because I really wanted to win, but it’s a hard one to swallow.”


Johnny Dutch

“I just relaxed the majority of the race, that’s how I remember it. I didn’t want to fire out too hard, but at the end of the day you can’t take it for granted. Everyone is going to run their best round. I was very relaxed, coming home I was a little too relaxed. I was fortunate enough to make it to the semis.”


Men’s 100 Meters - Round 1

Tyson Gay

“It’s been a very long time. Getting back in the atmosphere felt really good. Competing against an ex-training partner is great because I’m looking forward to the next round.”


“My start was decent. My middle phase, I started to relax, a little side-to-side too much. But I’m looking forward to trying to fix things for the next round.”


Trayvon Bromell

“My start really wasn’t that good. It put me out and I wanted to stay focused and try not to tighten up. The when I saw I was out in front, I slowed it down.”


Justin Gatlin

“I did what my coach said. He said just go out there and dominate the first half of the race, basically keep that momentum going and just come to the finish line first. I had to look over, Kim Collins always powers himself up when he’s in lane one or lane two. I have to show respect out there.


“I just went out there and ran my race really well technically, and I just wanted to go out here and get ready for the next round.


“Feeling wise, it felt good, it felt like I dominated the first couple of steps. But I’m in lane 9, so I don’t see anything except for myself.


“I was on the bus today and I thought about what time I was going to run today. I was blank in my mind. When I get on the line, I just going out there executing the running, I’m going as hard as I can. Then tomorrow I’m just going to give it my all. When it gets to the finals, I want to go out there and execute my race to the fullest and see what happens.”


Michael Rogers

“I got a good start. I kind of floated a little because it was the prelim. I didn’t want to use too much energy for tomorrow. Just got through the round, made it to tomorrow. I felt really, really good going into the race, I’m just excited about tomorrow.”


Men’s Pole Vault - Qualifying

Sam Kendricks

“The goal of today was not to jump high, everyone knew that going in. In the middle of the competition, the wind turned right around to our backs. That gave a lot of guys a great opportunity to make the final who otherwise would have struggled. It also put other jumpers who are very fine tuned over the edge, like Jake and Brad. They weren’t lucky enough to make those last couple of bars left to make the final. A lot of my other friends did. We’re going to go to the final on Monday happy.”


Women’s Triple Jump - Qualifying

Christina Epps

“It was rough. It sucks with an injury. I could’ve made the final if I’d made that first jump, but I fouled it. It is what it is. I had a good season, I can’t really complain. I’m just happy to be here. I can’t wait for more World Championships and Olympics.”


Women’s Shot Put - Final

Michelle Carter - Bronze Medalist

“The shot put went great today. All the girls did great and it was a great day. I was a little disappointed because I know I have more in me. I just wasn’t able to pull it out for today. I’m so grateful and thankful for the opportunity and to get the bronze medal, I’m really excited.”


Jeneva Stevens - 10th place

“I am so disappointed. It’s so disappointing to be left with only three throws. Again, those were fantastic women that I was up against. I needed to pull it together and the final was not the time to have an okay day. You need more than that.”


“The last throw was my best throw. I watched it on the podium. That was okay, it wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t strong, I could be more aggressive with the attack, but the overall move was not bad. But ‘was not bad’ doesn’t make it at this level.”


Women’s Heptathlon - Day One

Barbara Nwaba

“Definitely the first two events were really tough, especially the hurdles when I fell. I got up and tried to finish, but after that second fall, you just kind of just walk it off. That was a rough start. It’s my first World Championships and I didn’t know it would be this difficult to adjust to the setting. It’s okay, I’m going to roll with the punches and continue on and finish the multi. I definitely want to come out and do well in my other events. To get that PR in the shot put was awesome.”


Sharon Day-Monroe

“I didn’t have the best day, hopefully tomorrow will be better. Definitely if I can get a good long jump and i’m really excited to throw jav, because that’s been going very well in practice, so hopefully I can make up some points there.”


Erica Bougard

“None of my races are really going the way I want them. I’m getting them all, that’s all that matters. Long jump, I think I can gain a couple of points there. Other than that, I’m just ready to finish.


“It feels great (to be here). I’m glad I made it. I just wish I could do better for my country.”


Men’s 10,000 Meters - Final

Galen Rupp - 5th place

“I just ran hard the whole way. I wish I’d went. I was disappointed not to finish in the top three, that’s just way it goes sometimes. I was tired, they pushed the whole way, so they made it tough.”


Hassan Mead - 15th place

“I was fine until 4K, when I started to cramp up right under ribs on my right side and then it shortened my breathing, so I couldn’t really inhale and exhale. I had to kind of take in a half breath, so I had to back up a bit and then it got tighter and tighter and kind of lower to that lower abdominal. But man, I was feeling smooth in the first 3K and 4K, and after that it just kind of kept getting worse and worse. I’m a little disappointed because I my fitness was coming together. I felt great. Maybe I kept sipping water a little too much, or maybe it was the heat. I don’t know what it is, but man I wish it was a different result because I was really ready for it. It’s just unfortunate that I couldn’t maximize my finish today.”


Shadrack Kipchirchir - 16th place

“The race started really quick. I saw at one point I figured out that i needed to buck up and just run my own race. I kind of tucked in and went with them and just followed them. I ran my own race. It was really hot and humid.”


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