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Day Seven Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Women’s Javelin Throw - Qualifying

Brittany Borman

“It was rough today. My first two throws weren’t very good, so I knew on the last one I had to really hit it and relax and just let it go.”


“That was our goal, to come out and make the final. I’d love to make the top three. I’m really excited.”


Kara Winger

“I felt good today, but I let the nerves get the best of me. I didn’t get a big Q, but a Q is a Q is a Q. I’m super excited for my first final on Sunday.”


Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles - Semifinal

Dawn Harper-Nelson

“I had a really good start. In hurdles, the name of the game is to clear them all. My trail leg hit 2, and before I knew it -- as you all know in the hurdles, I was like, “Is that the ground?”


“Tonight is going to going to be one of those night when you get to your room and you’re going to just cry yourself to sleep. Honestly, I’m telling you I’m going to get up to fight another day, but I’m just upset. It’s so disappointing. I feel like I let Bobby (Kersee) down. I really do.”


Kendra Harrison

“I don’t know what happened.”


Women’s Long Jump - Final

Tianna Bartoletta

‘Yesterday I was quite timid on the runway. Everyone was saying how fast the track is and I didn’t want to foul because it would be absolutely horrible to foul out in the qualifying round. Today I thought, “just leave that fear behind.” I told my husband this morning, “Okay, I’m not scared, I know what it feels like, I’m just going to go for it.”


“I went for it on the first jump and fouled. Then after that, I kind of settled down a little bit and really began to settle into every jump. I just focused on what can I do better, what can I do better. It really didn’t matter that national records are being set, people were jumping seven meters, setting personal bests -- I didn’t care. It didn’t make me nervous, it didn’t add pressure. Every jump was like, okay what can you do to make this next jump.”


Janay DeLoach

“I was just having a little trouble getting on the board and staying consistent. When I was on the board, I just was flat. I can’t even be upset. I’m jumping off my right foot. It’s the complete opposite of what it’s been, so this is a switch for the year. I made top eight, I couldn’t be any more happy than where I am. It’s just a start to the Rio Olympics, so I’m getting ready for that.”


Men’s 1500 Meters - Semifinal

Leo Manzano

“We took off and the next thing I know, the pace was pretty slow. I see matt go toward the front and start to control it. I slid in right behind him and the pace was still kind of slow. All of a sudden Kiprop took off and we all just started chasing. It just came down the kick. I ended up fifth today, but we get to move on and fight another day.”


Matt Centrowitz

“It was slow from the get-go. I was actually uncertain if it was going to be fast or slow. I was happy to take the lead in the first part. I caught myself in a bad position with 400 to go, but I made a move that I’ve done before at worlds. A lot of times when guys, the kicking starts, they go to the outside of lane 1. I’ll just sneak up on the middle and the inside and take a good position.”


Robby Andrews

“I got out pretty well. Early people were making moves to get toward the front. Luckily I was in the second heat, so I knew I had to be top seven. It was tough, they were running. I made sure I had enough the last 100, 200. I’m lucky to be squeaking in.



Ashton Eaton

“I thought the clock was off by a second, I swear.  I did 400 hurdles last year and that helped, and some 400s against some fast guys this year. The only difference is that they start moving with 200 meters to go. I PB’d a couple of weeks before I got here at 45.5 and I did that technique, so Harry and I have been talking. He said, ‘You’ve just got to trust it, Ash, you’ll run fast.’”


“No way in hell did we think I was running that fast. I thought 46-flat, maxed out. But I saw some decathletes in the heats before running some pretty good times, so long story short it is, you know me. I just go and don’t hold too much back. So, I did that with the technique and all, so it turned out something unbelievable.”


Zach Ziemek

“The whole day, I was subpar.”


“Probably the highlight before the 400 was the long jump. I was able to get one out on the third attempt, which was decent and close to my PR. That’s nice and I was able to do decent bars in high jump which helped.


Jeremy Taiwo

“I got through the first day. My knee is bugging me a little bit since getting to Japan. I had to ease back from training and get healthy enough for this meet. It started bugging me in the long jump. I was afraid I wasn’t going to continue. I kept trying to push, I got through the 400 and I’m pretty happy about that.”


Trey Hardee

"I'm devastated to have to withdraw from the competition. I tried everything to try to make it through but it just wasn't meant to be. I need to focus now on getting prepared for 2016 and what will be my final Olympic campaign."

Women’s 200 Meters - Final

Candyce McGrone

It was so close, I don’t know what to say right now.”


Jeneba Tarmoh

“It got really fast. I can’t really remember what happened.”


Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles - Final

David Oliver

“The fourth step out of the blocks let me down. I stepped off to the right so my arm weren’t engaged like they should have been. What happens, happens. I think I put a little too much pressure on myself to execute the start, especially after blowing it yesterday. I came way too high. It just wasn’t my day. You have to take your hats off to the guys who got it done out there today.”


“I’m not going to hang my head or anything. It’s just not my day. Execute the next time out and the next meet will be a different story. I’m just happy to be representing Team USA. I never take it for granted. I just want to get ready to finish out the season.”


Aries Merritt

“I felt like I’m mentally strong. In 2013, when they told me I’d never run again, that ended my life pretty much. It mentally destroyed me. To persevere through that gives me a mental toughness that I don’t think any of my competitors have. I’m able to focus on what I’m need to do now. I was able to pull out a bronze medal despite everything I’m going through. I’m just so happy to be here, so happy to run a season’s best when it mattered the most.


“I went out there and was on autopilot. I got out and I just hoped to run a very clean, smooth race and put everything together. I got out very well. I floated maybe one hurdle, but I didn’t care. As long as I didn’t hit it, because I’m so light now, if I’d hit a hurdle it would have been the death of me. I had to make sure I was extremely clean. I accomplished that at this Championships, I was able to get a medal with a season’s best time in the final, so I’m happy.


“This bronze medal means more to me than my Olympic gold. Despite everything I’m going through if I was normal human being, we might have seen a record, who knows! The reality is that I’m not a normal human being, I’m under 20 percent kidney function and so it’s very tough for me and it’s very hard. I’m just a fighter and here I am.”


Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles - Final

Brianna Rollins

“I’m thankful that I finished. I hit hurdle one and I think seven and 10, so it kind of cost my race. At the end of the day it was all in God’s plan, so I’m thankful to be able to compete here.”


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