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Day Six Evening Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Women’s Hammer Throw - Final

Amanda Bingson

“I think my first one was the best one, obviously. It was a season best and you can’t be upset about a season’s best. It was a tough competition by four centimeters. It just hurts that much more because I know I’m four centimeters better than them. It is what it is. I think I relaxed a little too much. It was so effortlessly done that it’s just happens. Stuffs always been on that brink.”


Amber Campbell

Well my warm up felt amazing, so I was expecting to have a super awesome day. Then when I fouled my first one, it threw off my game plan. That was pretty much the opposite of what I’d planned to do. My next one, I was a little timid and I sent it, also, left sector. And I was down to ‘I need to hit one.’  I went into my last one feeling really good, knowing that I had a great season, I can do this, I can put it together. I only needed 72, 73 to make the final. I thought, ‘I got this.’ I think I came in a little too hard and I hit the insert and c’est la vie. I still have other meets this season, I have to put this behind me and keep moving.”


Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles - Semifinal

Aleec Harris

“I hit too many hurdles. I have to go back this year and get stronger, especially in my push-off leg. I tore my ACL in my push-off leg, so it’s a little bit weaker than the other one. I guess the main focus this year is to get stronger in both legs so later on down this season, it’ll be strong to make it to the finals.


“It’s hurdles. The quicker you forget about it, the faster you can move on.”


Aries Merritt

“I’ve been hitting hurdles all year, it’s been not clean, it’s been ugly. I really wanted to clean it up and have a technically sound race and I pulled that off today.”


David Oliver

“It felt a little shaky at the beginning and middle was a loose for a few hurdles. I’ve just got to get that ‘Q’ next to your name and get ready to fight again tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, it’ll be a great race.”


Men’s Triple Jump - Final

Omar Craddock

“I’m proud. I’m very blessed. I think God for this position. I thought I was going to be in tears. But I didn’t cry. I did something where I’m just thankful to God for fourth place and Rio, I’m coming.”


“It was a great series for me besides the foul and the last jump. Other than those, every jump was over 17m, which is what I wanted to do. I pulled it out on the fourth one. I’m at a loss for words right now. I didn’t make the finals in 2013 but I made it this time. So it’s just another stepping stone. I’m blessed, I’m happy and I’m ready for the next page in my book.”


Christian Taylor

“God was good and he’s always coming through. Sometimes, mentally, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But Rana (Reider) told me to open up my mind, trust the training, trust the process and the crowd went wild. I knew I couldn’t celebrate too much because Pichardo had one more jump. For everything to line up at the World Championships is what it’s all about.”


“You never really know how these things are going to play out, but my back was against the wall and I had no other options. My faith is very strong and I knew I was here for a reason. I didn’t know I’d jump 18.21, but I’m almost at a loss for words. I’m glad I could represent for USA jumps and be here.”


Women’s 200 Meters - Semifinal

Candyce McGrone

“It was a little rocky, but i made it through so I’m happy.”


Jenna Prandini

“It was kind of a rough race for me but I had a good experience and I can build for next year.”


“It’s just been a really long season for me and I’m ready to get some rest and ready for next year.”


Jeneba Tarmoh

“I’m excited. That one definitely felt better than it did yesterday. I just think I should’ve run the turn a little bit harder. I backed off a little. Tomorrow is all or nothing.”


Women’s 800 Meters - Semifinal

Molly Ludlow

“I felt way better than yesterday. I still have no closing speed. It’s just so weird, when I hit 600 I just shut down. These girls are running so freaking fast it’s insane. I have a lot of work to do if I’m going to make a final like that. I’m ready to run 1:57, but I need to work on some tactical things [to make a] final.”


Women’s 400 Meters - Final

Allyson Felix

“It’s weird. It’s different to be down there for the 400. For me, it’s just I’m happy I was able to be successful and just trust in the plan and put one together.”


“It gives me confidence in my fitness. It’s something Bobby (Kersee) had been telling me all year long, just to trust in it and prove that I can do the process. I can train and execute my race plan.”


“It’s weird. It’s bitter. It’ll be hard to watch [the 200]. It’s going to be a fantastic race, there’s a lot of talent in there.”


“It’s my first 400 title. It’s a huge blessing...I felt like I was finally able to put together what I needed to do to execute.”


Phyllis Francis

“I need to work on my form toward the backstretch. Other than that, I think I did okay.”


“Racing in this final was a great opportunity. Just to make it this far, it’s a great feeling and it’s a great stepping stone to Rio. It’s been a great experience.”


Men’s 200 Meters - Final

Justin Gatlin

“I feel tired. Going through 3 100s and 3 200s in such a short amount of time, it’s taxing on the body. But it was an honor to come out here and raise a flag for my country. There were people from our country who weren’t able to get to the podium or to the semifinals and I had to go out there and put them on my shoulders and compete to the best of my abilities.”


“At the end of the day, I went in there with my gameplan and my coach said to me, ‘run the curve. Come off the curve, attack and come off the curve. Keep holding on.’ I think he was in my window last night. (laughs) We had the same strategy and when I came off the curve, he was right there running with me. Coming home, I gave all I could give at this point in time. I’m going to get some rest and get ready for the relays.”


“I was clapping for such a good competition. I could’ve been Wallace Spearmon and not be able to get on the track. I could’ve been Isiah Young and not make it to the semifinals. To be able to get out there and run, I was running for myself and my country. I wanted to clap for the performance I had to give today and getting that medal.”


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