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Day Six Morning Session Quotes - IAAF World Championships


Men's Discus Throw - Qualification

Russ Winger

“I didn’t hit any clean throws today. Just rushing the back a little bit and my left shoulder was down, which makes it really hard to catch up and be patient. It’s easy to do it in training when you’re relaxed and it’s just been kind of a long drawn-out process. This is my first trip to a World Championships, so it’s everything new and everything different. Overall it went pretty well. It just would have been nice to connect on at least one of those throws.”


Jared Schuurmans

“It was kind of similar to Russ. I think that we actually prepared really well for this meet. Obviously, it didn’t show today, and I don’t really think it was necessarily being nervous or lack of preparation. It was just one of those days where we couldn’t seem to find the timing and was just a little off. The problem with that is that it’s late August and you just can’t have bad days. I just unfortunately had a bad day on the wrong day.”


Rodney Brown

“First throw, I got a little too anxious. I ripped up on it too early and lost it off my hand. Second throw was a good throw, it felt good. I made all the right corrections, but I moved too far over to my right and it went in the cage. The last throw I just went for it. It didn’t go well. “


Women's High Jump - Qualification

Chaunte Lowe

“It wasn’t great. I was glad to be able to come and to be invited. Being able to be here and support my team was really great. Having a bad season like this is very motivating for me. The last time I had a bad season like this was 2009. The next year I broke the American record three times. So, it’s those little reminders that let you know press a little harder to go to practice, press a little harder to do the right things. Don’t skip out on your workouts because great things will happen. I’m really looking forward to next year.”


Women's 5,000m - Heats

Nicole Tully

“Not my best day ever. We went out at a pretty solid pace for a prelim, not too slow, not too fast. The pace felt okay. I knew how fast we were running and I feel like it should have felt a little easier. But I just tried to zone out, stay in the pack. I was right where I wanted to be for the first two miles. Then with about four laps to go, the pack separated and I knew that front pack was where I needed to be. It just felt like too much of a surge to put in with that many laps left. So, I decided to hang back and play it a little bit safer. I started running out of gas with about three laps to go. I just lost more and more contact. I was trying so hard to hang on. I just didn’t have the go in my arms and my legs that I needed to really finish strong. The last 600 was just a struggle to keep moving forward and not lose my form. I knew I wasn’t going to be top five, but I knew I had to keep it together on the off chance that the next heat goes slow. So, I ran 15:41 which depending on how this next heat goes maybe will get me in, maybe not. I need a few people to run slower than that.”


Abbey D'Agostino

“It went out at a pedestrian pace. I felt pretty confident that I was hovering around some of the Kenyans and Ethiopians. I think pretty quickly it started to ramp up and I just kept thinking to myself no gaps. For the majority of the race, I executed that plan. I know I had a few ladies come around me maybe half way. I was just trying to stick right on them. I was making sure I was aware of any drastic moves that were being made. With five laps to go, I was trying to hand. I was thinking to myself that there’s still a mile to go and I have to take this lap by lap. You start to lose the momentum when the gap starts opening. I knew that muscularly I was starting to break down towards that point. You do everything you can to get one foot in front of the other. The girls in front of me were starting to drop. That was kind of weird, I don’t remember the last time I saw someone in front of me drop out. That was a weird feeling. You just kind of shut it off and know that your zone is your zone and you have to maintain that. It’s disappointing, but ultimately the result of the race happened the way it happened for a reason. As I process it, it will become clear to me why that happened. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not a year from now, but I know I’m still young. I have big goals and those are still there.


Marielle Hall

“It wasn’t a good run for me today. It was pretty slow and I wasn’t feeling it. I felt good in the beginning but that was off a very slow pace. I knew that I was going to drop down. I didn’t have it in my legs to do that. For the rest of the race, the women looked good. I know the final is going to be a great race. I wish I could be a part of it, but I definitely just look forward to get here next year.”


Women's Long Jump - Qualification

Tianna Bartoletta

“The first jump, I stood on my mark and I thought, ‘there’s a little bit of a tail wind, I’m going to back up a little bit.’ The last thing you want to do is foul your first jump when you only have three jumps. I did a very safe jump. To get 6.71 is bittersweet because it’s so close to qualifying. But it’s pretty safe. Then I started I play on the next two jumps. My third jump I felt a little more dialed in, I was able to get a better jump execution-wise. It was way behind the board. For tomorrow I will have more confidence in my approach, more confidence in the speed that I can carry.”


Jasmine Todd

“First one I felt like was the best of them all. It wasn’t a very big stretch. It’s definitely a work in progress. It wasn’t a main focus when we came out here, we were definitely focused on the 100, so for me to place in the long and still even be here is amazing. I’m more proud of myself than probably anyone else.


Brittney Reese

“It was a little rough. By the time I got out there and did a warm up, my first couple of jumps, my back gave out. I’ve just been having complications all season long from my hip from having surgery. I’ve never got back to where I was and it just showed. Once my back gave out, I wasn’t able to get the necessary pop I need to get the proper distance. It hindered me from sprinting, running to the board. All in all, I’m not really upset. My goal is not to chase medals any more. I have six of them. My goal is to break records and in order for me to do that I need to be 100 percent healthy. Today i was about 50 percent.”


Janay DeLoach

“You know I’m a little rusty, it’s been a month or so since I last competed, usually it’s two weeks. This year the way things worked out, I just had to dust the rust off. I’m blessed to have made it in. Today is history and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”


Men's 1500 Meters - Heats

Matt Centrowitz

“I just wanted to get through as easy as possible. It’s one of those things, especially with this year, you know you have to race the next day, you go into it, not necessarily on your A game but you’re trying to be. That always makes it more difficult. We look at it as you have hard workouts and you have easy workouts. The easy workouts tend to be harder than the hard ones. You tend to approach those workouts like it’s not a hard day and you don’t really get up for it, the adrenaline isn't pumping. First rounds tend to be like that.”


Leo Manzano

“I just wanted to go out and have a good position and stay out of trouble as much as possible and finish as hard as I could. Top three, I was hoping for the win, but I made it to the next round.”


Robby Andrews

“I knew we were going to be instant time qualifiers. I wasn’t really stressed out about qualifying. I felt really good, really confident and want it come tomorrow. We were slightly faster. There’s a lot of good guys. It’s good running in a crowd, it’s good practice. Felt good and I’m ready to compete.”


Women's 100-Meter Hurdles - Heats

Dawn Harper-Nelson

“For me in the race, it was about setting at hold and staying in the blocks. Yesterday we had some hiccups with the 110s, women’s 100, men’s 100. So I said to myself ‘you’re to the semis, so you sit in those blocks’. So, when the gun went off and I was going over one and two with them, I said ‘it’s time to separate now, it’s time to stop.’ When I separated, that’s why smiling across the finish line. I was thinking, ‘you’re ready to go’ because I was able to hit gears.”


Kendra Harrison

“It’s my first Worlds so definitely the nerves were there. I did the best I could, it’s not the best time I ever ran. I’m just happy that I came across the line second and I’m able to go to the next round.”


Sharika Nelvis

“The first five (hurdles) were okay, the last five were a little messy. It will get better. I’m really excited to be moving through. The hurdle races are unpredictable, you never know what’s going to happen. I am glad that I made it to the semifinals.”


Brianna Rollins

“I had to take the dust off my feet from the last competition I had. I hadn’t competed since July. I’d been training. I was able to get through my race. I hit one hurdle, but I was able to recover, so I thank God I was able to get the win and get to the next round.”


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