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IAAF World Relays - Day Two Quotes


Women’s 4x800m

Maggie Vessey

“We know we’re in great shape right now. We wanted to run to the best of our ability and we did that. This was just an amazing experience.”


Molly Ludlow

“When I saw Maggie pulling away, it really gave me a burst of energy to run. I told Alysia before the race that I was going to give her at least 50 meters. That’s all I was thinking the whole time: do it for her and do it for the team. I wanted to get ahead of these ladies so we could win this race. It was crucial. We were so close to breaking 8:00 and I think next time we come here, we can do it. This was the loudest crowd I’ve ever heard and I couldn’t even hear myself think. It was the best thing ever, so fun.”


“That’s amazing. When I got to hold this flag, it was just the most incredible feeling I’ve ever had. To do it with these girls, we actually get to celebrate together instead of celebrating by yourself. It’s so much more fun that way and it was just incredible. When we have more competition, we’ll be able to go after that world record and it’ll be great.”


Chanelle Price

“To break a record with no pressure, it was an amazing feeling. It’s been amazing. Last year, when we did it, we were in great form. We were about three weeks out from USA’s and we were in great shape. This year, we’re just getting started, I think it says a lot to what we just did. I was just watching them all and going, are they really doing this by themselves? I hope people realize how incredible it is. To average 2:00 in May, I think we would’ve broken 8:00 had we known, but we were just celebrating and there’s always next time.”


Alysia Montano

“I felt like I had a lot left from Drake. It was a rust-buster for me. I just wanted to show what I can do. It’s funny, because everyone keeps saying there was an American record on the line and I didn’t know. I was just running and they said, we broke the record. And I was like, holy smokes, I didn’t know.”


Women’s 4x4

Natasha Hastings

“Phyllis ran an awesome opening leg and gave me a good lead, so I was just trying to extend that for Sanya. This event helps us prepare for Worlds because we get to race the best in the world early and see where you’re at. You can go back to the drawing board and work on some things.”


Sanya Richards-Ross

“It’s an amazing feeling. When I first started running for the U.S., sometimes I thought the Jamaicans were really upset, but now they’ve really started to embrace me again. I feel so much love from my U.S. fans and my Caribbean fans. I kind of feel like I’m enjoying my twilight years in track and field. I’m enjoying every moment I can.”


Phyllis Francis

“I felt really good. I was nervous at first but the ladies really helped me. I felt good how I executed the game plan. I really enjoyed myself.”


Men’s Distance Medley Relay

Brandon Johnson

“I’ve never been passed up that fast in an 800m before, so I had to keep my composure and just not lose my mind when a Kenyan goes by me. I just wanted to give Ben the best position possible and he executed the race as we planned it.”


Brycen Spratling

“It feels great. As soon as we got the call, I was good to go. We sat down yesterday as a team and talked about what we wanted to do. From there on, we kind of clicked instantly and good things ended up happening. I was just so thankful for the opportunity.”


Kyle Merber

“This is the best day of my life. This is incredible. Just an unbelievable experience. These guys ran so well. Everyone really ran through the line and we got that record. Ben and I are roommates and I told him beforehand, just so you know, this is the American record and this is the world record. You gotta get through the line and you better dive if you see it close. He ran through, the fireworks were going off and he wasn’t distracted. What an experience. I’m a late addition to the team. I got the call last week and Vin [Lananna] wanted me to run the 1,200m and it was a no-brainer. I’m glad I could do our country proud.”


Ben Blankenship

“I had a little bit of confidence. I race to win every time I get on the track. I try not to be intimidated or work myself into a hole. I try to stay positive out there. I think the exposure for running a mile like this all by yourself, mentally it’s draining. I just kept saying to myself, ‘you feel pretty good, you feel pretty good. Only a couple more 100s.’ Every step is a step in the right direction.”


Men’s 4x200m

Justin Gatlin

“I didn’t even know we dropped the baton. I saw the deficit we had. I just wanted to make up as much ground as we possibly can and still get on the medal stand.”


Wallace Spearmon

“I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be on the opening leg and I put us at a deficit. After that, I don’t know what happened.”


Women’s 4x100m

Tianna Bartoletta

“After the first round, I felt like I could start better and clean up my technique a little more and that’s to be expected with my first 100m of the year. I needed to focus my eyes on the back of the lanes and run them down.”


Allyson Felix

“I was doing my best to try hold it and do some work, but I just didn’t feel as sharp as I normally am. I have some work to do. I need to go back and put some things together. Thankfully, it’s a long season, so I have time to do that.”


Kimberlyn Duncan

“Competing against the world’s best, I’m so thankful for the opportunity. I need to make some adjustments with my technique but it’s still early.”


Carmelita Jeter

“It’s always great to run for my country. Today, to line up with these women, unfortunately we weren’t able to get the first place we’re used to but we have some things we need to work on. It’s early in the season, and I’m not making any excuses, but I just have to go back and fix some things and get ready for worlds.”


Men’s 4x400m

Jeremy Wariner

“It felt great. Like I said yesterday, it was a great step in the right direction and today was an even bigger step. I came off the first curve and noticed the crowd cheering louder than when I got the stick, so I knew something was happening. When he passed me on the backstretch, I just stayed in my race and didn’t worry about anything. I had a good race strategy and I stuck to it. I had a good finish and all four of us ran our race and executed our strategy and came out with the victory.”


David Verburg

“This is the third time I’ve led off for the USA team and I’m comfortable there. I fed off the crowd the whole time. As soon as the gun went off, the crowd was roaring. I knew my teammates were depending on me to get a good spot, so I just gave it my all for us and for my bro Torrin.”


Tony McQuay

“This is a great feeling, one of the greatest in the world, especially [to be] with the guys I train with. I just needed to keep a focus throughout the day, seeing these guys and staying positive. We had a lot of positive energy going into the race and coming out with the team’s goal makes you feel really good.”


“I’m feeling really good. This year, my goal was to get really fit. I took my offseason training really seriously. I trust in my coach and trust in my training. Just wanting to stay on a good, positive side with our training. He’s told me I’ve been looking good. It was all about believing in myself and trusting in my training. I opened my season with the fastest opener I’ve ever had (45.14 at Drake), so coming out here and jumping on the 4x4, I knew I was going to run a pretty fast split.”


LaShawn Merritt

“The guys before me great legs. David Verburg did what he always [does], and he’s probably the official pop-off guy now. And he ran well. Gave the baton to Tony, [who] held his leg. Jeremy, I knew what he was doing when he got the baton. I knew the young guy on the third leg for the Bahamas wasn’t part of the ‘A’ team. He was a younger guy, he was excited, he took the baton and went off. I’m glad Jeremy ran like the vet he is. Ran his own race, took the guy totally out of his race and gave me the baton for the anchor leg. I knew the crowd was going to go crazy. The beauty of it is, I couldn’t hear if they were chanting ‘Bahamas’ or ‘USA’ so in my mind, I just figured they were cheering ‘USA’ and I took it as motivation. It got my adrenaline going and I handled business. I looked at the jumbotron a couple times to make sure they weren’t too close to me and ran a clean, smooth leg.”


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