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July 21 Evening Session Quotes - Pan American Games

Queen Harrison, 100mH gold medalist
On how she ran the race and where she placed her focus
“I just tried to relax and execute my race and not try to think about anything going on to the left or to the right of me and just focus on my lane and my lane only.”
On finishing 1-2 with Tenaya Jones in second place
“Of course with Team USA with me, the whole time and the whole goal was to go in there and get 1-2, and I thought Canada was going to try to sneak in there too. We had to tell each other that we had to go and get the gold and the silver and bring it back to the U.S., and I’m so glad we did.”
On competing against Jones but also having her as a teammate
“It’s cool because I see her a lot of times on the circuit, but we’re always just fierce competitors. So when you come in the Team USA atmosphere it's like we’re competing against each other, but we still have the same common goal of putting Team USA on the top. “
Tenaya Jones, 100mH silver medalist
On winning a medal for Team USA
“It feels great. It’s a wonderful feeling. This is my first team, and to come out and medal, this is such a great feeling. It’s just awesome, and USA is so strong and so deep in the hurdles. It’s so great to be able to share that with a teammate. Just to say that you medaled and you made a team, that’s just amazing. Everything about it I just love and I just take in.”
Amber Campbell, Hammer Throw silver medalist
On trading top throws and the lead
“I took the lead and then she took it right back, so it was a good time. I’m really focussing on what’s going on for Worlds, and training through that. It was a pretty good day.”
“This is why you do it. That back and forth and really fighting for it, that’s why you train every day. It makes it worth it. If you don’t love what you do, what’s the point in training every day? The blood, sweat and tears - this is why we do it. It’s so much fun.”
On her experience overall in Canada
“We’ve had amazing weather. The venue is top notch. The village is so much fun. I got my nails done - a little sparkle for the people. It was a good day. Next is NACAC in Costa Rica.”
Alysia Montano, 800m semifinals (second in heat 1)
On competing at Pan Ams and qualifying for the final
“I haven’t been at Pan Ams since 2007, so (I’m) happy to represent the U.S. always. I just wanted to get out there and do my best and have a good race.”
Phoebe Wright, 800m semifinals (third in heat 2)
On her race strategy
“I knew I was tucked in behind two competitors that usually close well, so I thought that if I just sat in their pockets, I could ride the gravy train. I kind of got lucky that neither of them died or slowed down.”
On getting one step closer to medaling
“That’s so rare in the sport to be in medal contention, so I’m really excited about tomorrow’s final. I actually ran that pretty well. I was in control. Tomorrow I just want to run as confident as I ran today.”
On competing for Team USA
To put on this uniform, I’ve only done it three times and it’s always great to wear the red, white and blue.”
Darrell Hill, Shot Put, fourth place
On his opening throw and fouls
“I was trying to be really aggressive, and I feel like I got a couple. I was just trying to be aggressive, and the guy from Jamaica put it out there with a 21.65, which is a big throw. But you know as Americans, we come here to win and compete. In order to be aggressive, that’s what I had to do.”
Cory Leslie, 10,000m bronze medalist
On maintaining a spot in the top-two and falling to third late in the race
“I was fading. You can say it. I could tell he was coming just from the roar of the crowd. I had a pretty poor last water jump, and I think I gave up a couple seconds there. Hats off to him. He ran a great last lap and was able to catch me. Those guys ran a great race.”
On competing for Team USA
“It’s special. It’s my first time really putting on the USA uniform and competing for my country. To not only have this experience of coming and winning, the uniform, but to be able to stand up on the medal stand and have a medal around my neck for my country, I don’t know that I’ve had a feeling like this in my running career so far.”
I knew I was in third but the entire last lap I was just saying keep my eyes on Matt. Don’t let him pull away. I could hear Alex coming behind me. He ran a great last 200 and was able to catch me. I looked back a few times over the last 100 to make sure that I did indeed [have a] top three and have a medal.”
Donnie Cowart, 10,000m, fourth place
On how the race progressed
I just tried to be up there and be in the mix. It was really windy, so nobody wanted to be in the front. A few guys kind of took it and would go and slow down, go and slow down. There were a few water jumps with a lot of traffic. I got stepped on a little bit there. I’m a smaller guy and my elbows can only span so far. So I was just kind of fighting my way through there. All in all, it was about as good as I could’ve expected.
On losing steam towards the finish
I really didn’t have that last gear. When they went with 800 meters to go, I was there and I held a little bit. But then we came around and saw 1 to go and I was dead in the water.  I was just surviving over barriers and hoping I had enough to hang on to fifth basically. Cory did an amazing job of just pressing and going after it. I had a front row seat.
On competing in Canada
It’s been amazing. Canada has been such an amazing host. Everybody is so generous here and so polite. The joke is that you bump into a Canadian and they say they’re sorry. It’s so refreshing to be in such a polite and gracious host’s country.
On being mentally prepared for the steeplechase
I think especially for the steeplechase, it’s a big deal – getting yourself mentally ready. That was the big thing for me, being able to run fast and hurdle at the same time was kind of the thing playing over and over in my head. Just being relaxed and making sure you get over the hurdles safely and correctly and stay on your feet.

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