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July 22 Evening Session Quotes - Pan American Games

Alysia Montano, 800m silver medalist
“I always say that honestly it isn’t about the win, it’s about putting your best foot out there and your best effort, and I think I did that today. This is my second time running under two minutes, post-pregnancy, You have to appreciate the small steps and the small victories, and I really do. Of course I wanted to win, but at the end of the day, I can appreciate the victory behind.”
“Honestly, to get second behind an amazing competitor, at home for her in Canada, that was so electric. That’s so awesome. I will never in a million years take that away from a competitor. That’s just an amazing moment for her, and I saw that, and I’m able to be in a spectator’s point of view. You see such an amazing moment like that, and you can just be happy for her, That’s immediately how I felt.”
“She had an amazing finish and an amazing move. You can do nothing but smile about it.”
My daughter is 11 months now. The last time I ran for the full U.S. team was in 2013, and then I got to come back and run at World Championships, the Indoor World Championships, and win a gold and have that moment. Just to feel that again, there’s nothing better than representing your country, LIke I said, what I thought about that moment for Canada. I know how that moment feels for her because it’s the same moment that I feel being able to represent my country, even if I take home the silver.”
Shamier Little, 400-meter Hurdles gold medalist
“I was just staying strong and attacking hurdles 8, 9 and 10. The race starts at hurdle 8, and I feel like that’s kind of where I make my move, and I broke away and just tried to maintain it. I felt great.”
I’m still tired, but the time wasn’t too great. I guess I could have done a little better, but I guess it was a good competition. I feel good. I’m just ready to rest up and get ready for Beijing. It’s another great feeling to go back home with more hardware.”
“It’s not in Oregon. I’m used to running my best races and winning well in Oregon, and this is a different setting for me, a different atmosphere with a lot of cheering for the Canadien, but I had fun.”
Jeff Henderson, Long Jump gold medalist
“I felt very well. Coming off USAs for two weeks, I just trained through and I just wanted to get my performance down and my concentration down the runway. I got that down, and I knew I was going to jump very well. I wasn’t worried about the competition, even though it was great competition. I was just focussed on me. I was just trying to do well.”
“It’s good to see him doing track instead of football. I know he said he’s kind of banged up because of football. It’s kind of sad, but he still came out here and got second and got silver, so I’m glad he did that and did good at USAs. He competed very well. I know he’s go football camp coming up soon. But I’m glad to see him coming back to the sport. It brings more people and more fans to the sport.”
It feels great that the fans love to see me run and jump.I love it. I love coming here to Canada.”
Marquise Goodwin, Long Jump silver medalist
“I’m just glad to be here. Not much training, my second meet of the year, and coming out with a silver medal is pretty good to me. Just blessed, man. Nothing else to it.”
“It ranks where it is. I’m not going to put rankings on it. I’m thankful for the opportunity. I’m thankful for the opportunity to represent my country. I’m glad I won the silver medal. Obviously I wanted gold but silver came.”
“I mean, I love long jump. If I’m granted the opportunity without having to serve any repercussions for it, then I will pursue it. But obviously I’m obligated to Buffalo Bills football, so that’s the main focus.”
“Oh man, he put it out there. He put a big one out there his first jump. That’s what you want out of your team. You want your team to be successful as well. That’s why he came out with a gold. He represented USA, and so did I.”
“Oh yeah, without a doubt. We knew we were going to come 1-2, just didn’t know which order. And that just speaks for itself. USA jumps are back in business.”
“I’ve always dreamed of doing this – being able to be in the NFL and do track and field at the same time. So it’s kind of surreal having a stage like this and an opportunity just to represent the NFL as well as USATF.”
“No, I won’t allow anything to distract me. I’m too focused for that.”
Jillian Camarena-Williams
“It’s awesome. It’s tough being a mom. I talked to Alysia Montano because she was able to run through her pregnancy, but throwing through a pregnancy is way different, so I just tried to keep myself fit. I came back a couple days afterwards and I’m coming along. I’m not back in the 20-meters shape, but I’m getting there. It just takes time.”
“It was frustrating because I was hoping to go over 19 meters, That was my goal for the meet, but I’m still coming back. It’s just taking time. I just kind of had to rev it up for that last throw, and I knew it was going to be slow, but two centimeters, man. But it was good.” 
Kibwe Johnson, Hammer Throw gold medalist
*Second straight Pan Ams gold. Won the 2011 event in Guadalajara, Mexico
“It was hard work out there. Usually, when it feels like that, the only way to improve is to just have better technique. I’m used to being in better physical shape, and things are just easier  when I’m in better physical shape. When a day like this happens, you know you need to buckle down and concentrate on better technique. I had some sector fouls, I had 72-meter throws, which just really isn’t me on competition day. I’m glad that I got one in there and glad I accomplished one of my goals today, which was to to win.”
“It wasn’t my best day, but I’m proud I put something together to defend my title from 2011. I’m home for a couple weeks, and then I go to training camp, and then my next meet will be in Beijing at World Championships.”
It’s a good tune-up. I’m extremely proud to defend my title. Things were pretty hard the last couple years, and now we’re building again, things are looking up. For Beijing, I’m look for anywhere between 78 and 80 meters that I think I can hit there. If I can do that, that will podium potential with how results have gone this season. Going into the Olympic year, anything is possible.”
Conor McCullough
“Toronto is great. It’s my first time wearing stars and stripes in a few years, so I’m proud to have it back on my back. Today, was hard work, but we came out with a couple of medals and I’m excited about that.”
“I started off a little slow. I figured it out a couple times, and I got it up to the mid-73s, and then tried to push it more. But my body just wasn’t having it today. A 73 was close. And the last one, technically, felt really nice. When I’m fresh, I think that kind of technique is going to hopefully go a lot further.”
Barbara Pierre
“I am happy with all three of my performances. I had a really rough season. The beginning of the season was really, really rough for me. Then I went to USAs, and I fell off. I didn’t get to make the world team. So coming here and running 10.92, then 10.96 and then 11.01, I’m really happy. I’m okay with it.”
“Right now I get to go to Stockholm Diamond League and then I’m doing NACAC, and then from there, I don’t really know. I know it’s two races, and that’s all.”
“I had an issue in the blocks where I kind of stumbled a little bit, and it freaked me out. I tried to stay in the zone. I’m just glad I go third. Overall, like I said, I feel like I did a great job. Prelims, semis, finals, I’m happy with all of them.”
BeeJay Lee
“I love it here. I would love to come back to Toronto and race again here. This is a beautiful track. The fans were great. I’m glad my training partner (Andre DeGrasse) was able to come away with the gold, wish I could be up there on the podium with him too - representing my country. I mean God has a plan, and I’m not done with my work.”
He’s like my little big brother. It’s just love and on the track it’s a competition. There’s no love-hate. It’s just all competition. We train together each and every day , and we’re neck and neck at practice. I’ve run fast and he’s run fast. I’ve won and he’s won I’ve lost - he’s lost. Any given day, it’s any man’s race. And today, he did got a victory.”
“I tripped out of the blocks, but I was still able to execute my race towards the end. I’m looking forward to the relay on Friday.”
Austin Bahner, Decathlon (End of Day 1)
“I feel like I started off pretty strong with the 100 and the long jump. They were above par, and shot put kind of took a toll. I just couldn’t catch my rhythym. I went down a little bit. High jump was a kind of average day for me. I’m not sure about the 400. I felt okay, but man that wind was killer on the back straight. I still think I finished pretty strong.
“(I’m) looking forward to discus and pole vault (tomorrow). I’m a pretty strong discus thrower as a multi. Pole vault is up there too, so I just need to get back there in the game with those two to get back on track.”
Derek Masterson, Decathlon (End of Day 1)
“I did well. I had a season’s best in the 100 meters. If everything is going well, I’m a lot higher up on the points. You win some; you lose some. I’m looking forward to coming back for Day 2. Day 2 is definitely my day. I’m better at Day 2. I love throwing the discus, pole vaulting and throwing the javelin.”
“That’s the heart of tomorrow, and I was a pole vaulter in high school, so coming back and pole vaulting. I always love everything.”

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