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July 22 Morning Session Quotes - Pan American Games

Shakima Wimbley, 400mH (first in qualifying heat)
“I’m very happy to be going to the finals. I got all the jitters out, so for the rest of this I’m ready to go and I’m excited.
“I’m just proud to represent my country, and I want to make them proud. “
“I just wanted to finish strong, maintain my form, keep my arms moving and bring it home.
Kendall Baisden, 400mH (first in qualifying heat)
“I felt like it went pretty well. I got out pretty good and had a great finish, so I’m really happy.”
“I knew I had to get first in my heat to probably get a good lane, so I decided to leave it out there. I’m just hoping for gold for Team USA.”
Kyle Clemmons, 400m (second in qualifying heat)
“I think overall, I executed what I needed to execute as far as formwise and just did what coach told me to do. Most importantly, I move on to the next day.”
“I’m pretty much just going to attack it the same way. I got out good. It felt like it was effortless, but I just really need to focus on relaxing that last 150 and just hit it the last 100 meters and do it that way.”
“Really I knew that Bralon Tarpin (Grenada) was going to come up on me because I could see him in lane 4, and I just expected Bralon to be where he was going to be. So I kind of ran my race off of him, and I shouldn’t have done that. Really, I just need to drop my shoulders and relax really. The last 20 meters, I knew I was in there. I’m not going to say that I shut it down, but I knew that I was in.”
Clayton Murphy, 800m (first in qualifying heat)
“I just kind of got out hard, settled in there at the front. The wind was kind of strong towards the back, so I just settled in and drafted a little bit. I felt everybody coming with like 250 to go, and then I just kind of went.”
“I kind of did see everyone coming during that last bit, so I just wanted to make sure I didn’t get nipped in the end.”
Ryan Martin, 800m
“It was great. The goal was just to get through the qualifying rounds, protect those positions in the top three. It was a little windy and a little early in the morning for me, so I was happy to feel pretty good this early.”
“The race plan was pretty simple. I just wanted to get out towards the front, make sure I wasn’t boxed and kind of stay on the outside in lane 1 just to make sure I could cover and move. I did, and then just put in a nice good finishing 100 and felt pretty comfortable.”
“I took the lead with 80 to go, and then I started to cruise through 30-40 to go. Then I started to shut it down a little bit because it didn’t look like anyone was around. I actually looked up at the scoreboard, and I saw like five people on the outside, so I kind of pushed a little bit the last 10-15 meters.”
Maya Pressley, High Jump, fourth place
“My jumps today were really great. I was clean on all my first-attempt makes. I was really zoned-in and focussed. I focussed on two things the whole time, and I think that’s what helped me. Those two things were just pushing out the back and moving through my last four steps, and that really worked out well for me.”
“I really wanted to get on the podium. That was my goal. I mean the best person wins, and I can’t control that. But it was a great competition with these talented ladies.”
“I was so excited. That’s what helped me. Putting on this uniform, I was like, ‘I’m going to just look nice, feel good,’ and it really inspired me a lot. It made me feel different, like I was a champion just because I put this on.”
Jeshua Anderson, 400mH (first in qualifying heat)
“It felt great to just get through the finals and run well in the finals. It felt good with the win today. It’s super windy, so I just ran relaxed.”
“I feel great for tomorrow. Man, we’ve just been waiting to run. Finally getting that first one out of the way, I’ll just shake the rust off. I feel good.”
“It’s going great This is big time. I just want to make sure I go out and represent my country proud and go to work tomorrow.”
“My step patterns were great. I really just ran relaxed. That back stretch is super windy, so I really just got out decent, ran relaxed on the back stretch, brought it home strong, and it worked out for me.”
Kerron Clement, 400mH (first in qualifying heat)
“It was very windy on the back stretch. My steps were all messed up from hurdle six on and into the finish. But I’m going to go back to the village and regroup, and come back tomorrow and win.”
“I kept stutter stepping because my steps were kind of off because the wind was really bad. But I’ll take it as a good win and prepare going into the finals.” 

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