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July 25 Evening Session Quotes - Pan American Games

Heather Miller, Heptathlon silver medalist
“The finish was okay. The 800 is my strongest event, and that was a little slow time for me. I knew I was leading and that I had to just come ahead of the next girl by two seconds. We went out a little slow, so the time wasn’t great. But I was just trying to win that race.”
“My whole heptathlon as a whole was kind of up and down. The 200 yesterday was not good at all, but then I came back and long jumped really well. I had a PB in high jump today, so there were some good and some bad (events).”
“We’ve got a really good squad this year. A lot of people wanted to do tune-up meets for the World Championships in Beijing, so a lot of our athletes that will be competing for a World Championship were here and they loved the Pan American Games. We brought a really good squad, and we’re happy with the medals and everything that we got.” 
David Torrence, 5,000m silver medalist
“It was a battle at the end there for sure. It really just kind of winded up slowly about four or five laps out, and then it would kind of pick up, pick up and pick up. I didn’t think it would keep on getting faster, but it kept getting faster and faster and faster. Especially the last 300 meters, we really went and I just told myself, ‘Don’t kick until 100 meters’ because I have the tendency to go too early. So I like, ‘Wait until the last minute. Wait until the last minute. I waited, waited, waited, waited, and then I went. I thought I was going to get the gold. I was battling and fighting so hard.”
“I really, really wanted to win. I thought I was the best guy out there today. Training has been going really well. A silver medal, you can’t be too upset about that, right?”
“It was a lot of great guys and a good race, and I hope we put on a show for the fans. I know I can do better. I know I still have a little bit of work to do with the last 100 meters, but I’m getting better at it.”
“It’s been incredible. It’s my first being at a multi-sport Games or championships. I didn’t think it would be that much different from a World Championships or or anything. I’ve never really been on a team like this before. I’ve been on World Juniors and World Relays, and I thought it would be similar to that, but it’s really like a much bigger community. It’s like all the sports are out there and we are kind of making friends, and it’s just inspiring to see all of the different athletes from others sports doing well. Everyone is doing a lot and putting a lot out there on the line. That spirit just catches on.”
Women’s 4x100m Relay, gold medal and new Pan American record

Barbara Pierre, first leg
“The week was really great. My prelims, my semis, my finals, I’m pretty grateful for it. Like I said, I had a pretty rough beginning to the season, so I’m just grateful to be here and to be able to run and grateful to be out here with this great talent. Overall it’s a great feeling. I love Pan Ams. I was telling these girls that this meet is really, really fun, and the crowd has been amazing. We had a great outcome.”
“My goal was to get it (Lekeisha Lawson) first and make it easier for her so that she could make it easy for the third leg and ultimately make it easier for Kaylin. I just wanted to give us as much space as possible to try to get the baton in the zone.”
“That’s how the U.S. is. No matter if it’s Pan Ams or any other meet, we have the numbers. That’s how deep we are. We come and we show out.”
Lekeisha Lawson, second leg
“It’s been really good. Yesterday was my first time getting to run, and I was excited just to get out there because I’ve been watching everybody compete all week, and everyone has been doing so well. Kaylin won and Barb medaled, so I was just excited.The crowd is awesome here, so it’s been fun.”
“A goal for us was to break the Pan Am record, and we did that.”
Morolake Akinosun, third leg
“It was a great meet, and it was a lot of fun just seeing all the other athletes from all the other events and sports in the village was really exciting. It’s a great atmosphere to run in. The crowd was great, and I loved it here.”
“I’m done for the year, but it was a great way to end my season with a gold medal and a record.”
Kaylin Whitney, anchor leg
“I was watching them come around the turn, and it was USA and Jamaica right there, so I knew I had to get the stick off and finish the race as strong as I can.”
“We did amazing. We almost doubled our medal count and had a couple of Pan Am records out here, so we can’t really ask for a better outcome.”
“I’m just happy to be here. It’s my first time and I just love being a part of the team and coming out any way I can.”
“Our coaches put us into shape, so we just rely on our training when we get into the meet.”

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