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July 25 Marathon Quotes - Pan American Games

Craig Leon, fifth place
“For the most part, I think for the first two loops the pack was together. At various points during the first two loops, there would be somebody who pushed the pace a little bit and it would string out and then come together. I think for me, I just tried to ride out some of those early surges and tried to just put (myself) in the hunt on the last loop, and I think I was maybe seventh going into the final loop and was able to move up a couple spots so I was happy.”
“I feel like I ran a pretty even race, and that was okay. I just didn’t have the pop in my legs in the end.”
“It was definitely great being able to work with Tim and having somebody out there. For the most part, the other countries the guys were kind of split up. I know for us going into this final loop - maybe at about 30K -we kind of were chatting with each other and saying, ‘Hey, if we keep our legs underneath us, anything can happen, and people can come back.’”
“We’re definitely working together out there, and it’s great when you have somebody you can work with.”
“It’s both of our first times being on a U.S. team, so it’s great. It’s a chance to wear the U.S. jersey. I think it’s really motivating with all of the successes from all the other track runners, and it seems like every event we are doing something well and there’s a lot of positive energy with the team and in the village. It’s extra motivation to come out here and run well.”
“It’s crazy. I was an average high school runner, a college walk-on, and I never would have thought that this was possible. It’s a dream come true, really. It’s pretty awesome. I hope it’s not my last time, and it’s certainly been a great experience.”
Tim Young, sixth place
“First loop was that little 2.2. Everyone was together and it was really slow at 5:35-5:36. I was in a huge group with lots of bumping around with everyone. The water stops were crazy at times just with people cutting in and out. I typically just went to each water stop last just to avoid everything.”
“The first loop was fine. It felt great. The second loop is when they made their initial break, so at about 22K, they took off and it went from 12 or 13 to just strung out. Craig and I ran that third lap together, and then coming into the final lap, it felt great. I hit 10K to go, and went with it. I hit the park fine, but the hill didn’t really bother me. I felt like the uphills I was really strong on - just the downhills I ran awful. I’m just not a great downhill runner and my hamstring was a little tight on the left side, and I cramped up really bad at that last 4 km coming in and the downhills didn’t help that. It didn’t really feel better until about a K to go, and I was just hanging on at that point. At 1K, maybe 40K or 41K, I think that’s where Craig kind of made his final move that kind of put me kind of down. But I’m happy with sixth place. I came in wanting a top-five, but I’ll take sixth. And I don’t mind losing to a fellow teammate, who ran with me the whole way to make it a good race. I’m happy with it”
“I was exciting hearing over the loud speaker that the Americans were running together 5-6. I’m like, ‘Just don’t get passed,’ because I’m looking behind, but I’m not feeling great either. Just don’t get passed. Let’s finish right with each other just the way we started. It’s awesome to see a teammate just ahead of you. I was still trying to catch him but there was nothing left. It wasn’t like he got me in the last couple steps, and I didn’t see it coming.”
“I was excited the last 3K with he and I running together. It just gets you through that tough part with a teammate right there.”
“I have never made a U.S. team in any way, so when I got the notification that I was on the team, I was like I’m honored to run. You get to wear that singlet finally. I came here just wanting to represent that singlet and run my absolute best. At no point would dropping out be an option for me no matter how bad it was going. I’m just happy it didn’t go that bad.”
“The experience here, they treat us like royalty, so it’s just like everything is provided for you: medical, food and drinks non-stop. Anything you need, they get for you. The coaches were great, helping us get through everything and getting us to the track and giving us places to run.”
“It’s been an experience like I’ve never had. I never made NCAAs or anything, so this is like the top for me. This is the pinnacle of my career thus far, and I’m just happy to do it.”

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