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Quotes from adidas Grand Prix

Women’s long jump
Tianna Bartoletta, second place
On the event overall
“I think I just started out today a little flat. The meet was a little bit earlier than we usually jump, so I think I just warmed up along the way. The weather got progressively better too and the headwind died, so that helped a lot. It was a fun competition.”
On currently holding the world lead
“It’s always motivation because it’s harder to stay there. It’s easier to be underrated and just keep your head down instead of and being the person that everybody’s gunning for. As far as the long jump goes, it keeps me wanting to do better and achieve mastery of the event. But, it’s also tempered by the fact that I want the same in the 100, and that’s taking a lot longer to progress for me this year.”
On preparation heading into USATF Outdoor Championships
“I definitely probably will work more on my sprint technique, and as far as the long jump goes, probably just leave it alone.I don’t really have to change much except just get consistent with my body position. ”
Women’s 400m, B Race
DeeDee Trotter, first place
“I was so worried about my closing speed. I’ve been struggling. I’ve had a lot of physical setbacks and more physical ailments than I’ve ever had at one time and still be functional in my entire career. I’ve been praying a lot and doing everything I can because I just wasn’t getting any better. To be able to go out today and improve and to be able to improve on my time and be able to get the confidence of my closing speed, I’m excited about USAs.”
Women’s 100m
English Gardner
On the progression of the race
“My main focus was just to execute the best way I could - get out, react to the gun and listen to the gun. From there, it was just driving as long as I could because I knew it was pretty even. When you usually have a good start, it feels like you’re falling, so you have to be a little more aggressive to catch yourself. I definitely had a good start. It was a little bit shocking to me, so I had to get myself together because I stumbled and literally almost fell. I got myself together, stood up tall so that I could just work on my form all the way through the line. I think I did a good job. I clearly have some things to work on, but yes it was a very exciting race.”
On preparation for USATF Outdoor Championships
“I’m just trying to make the team. That is my biggest goal - to get out there, make the team, get another World Championship and then just try to medal when I get there. My first priority is getting on the team.”
Tianna Bartoletta, second place
“Watching the video, I think I got out well. I think I’m missing a little bit of sharpness. I’ll have to watch the video again to know for sure, but that’s what I have so far.”
Candace Hill, first place
“Coming into the race, I was a bit nervous. Because this is a strong field of girls. It meant a lot to me (to win this race). This is my first year here, so winning it is amazing.”
Girls’ Mile
Lauryn Heskin, first place
“I started out in first and then I just kept it up for the whole race. I saw the screen, and my dad was telling me how far they were (behind me). I didn’t know what to do in the beginning, but I just decided to to run the whole time like I always do. It feels really good to win this race because last year I got third.” 
Boys’ Dream Mile
Grant Fisher, first place
On winning the Dream Mile
“It feels awesome. This is one of my favorite events of the year. They treat you great out here, and it feels like you’re a pro. When you’re in a situation like that, I think it’s hard not to race well especially with the quality of the field that drew out everybody.”
On coming trying to run sub-4:00 again
“After getting that time out of the way, I could completely focus on the race. If I was more focussed on the time, I would have been right up on Myles (Marshall), the rabbit. I decided not to, and it worked out great.”
On race strategy
“The race strategy was very specific. It was wait around as long as I could and get position, and then I was going to have three gear changes. I was going to have one at 250 (meters), 150 (meters) and 50 meters to go. Everything went great. I didn’t get boxed out or anything. I got good position, and I was able to execute the gear changes.
Men’s Triple Jump
Will Claye
“Just trying to get over nagging injuries that snuck up on me a little bit, but it’s still early as far as World Championships. I’ve just got to do well at USAs and make the team - just try to get things right before Worlds.”
“I probably won’t do much before USAs because my back is really inflamed. It’s not really much that I can do at this point but just rest. I’ve done the work that I needed to do. It’s only like a week and a half away, so I ‘m going to just try to get some rest and just hope for the best.”
David Wilson, former New York Giants running back
“It was my first time jumping since 2011 and my first attempt ever with a full approach. I just felt like I could not control my speed. Looking forward to getting that down and smoothing out that approach.I really enjoyed the support NYC gave me today.”
Women’s 400m
Francena McCorory, first place
“I knew the field was going to be tough. I just wanted to work on things that my coach told me to work on, and it definitely worked.”
On what it means to win and set a world-leading time
“It means a lot. I was praying to go under 50 (seconds) today because I was kind of stuck at 50, so running 49.87 is just awesome. I still can’t believe it.”
On how she’s been preparing for this meet 
“We’ve just been working on my start, continuing to engrain the race pattern in my head so that I’ll have it for the summer. It’s going really great.”
Looking forward to for USATF Outdoors and IAAF World Champs
“(I want) to keep dropping my time and to medal at World Championships. I’ve been to the last two, but I haven’t gotten a medal in an individual event, so that’s my main goal.”
Men’s 5,000m
Ben True, first place
On the race overall
“I think we tried to push it today and run a fast time and a tactical race. Last year, in the Zurich final, they guy who won put four seconds on me in the last 300 meters. So going in with that mindset, I’ve always tried to now start getting up in the front a little sooner, and try to make them go around me and use that energy so that I can come back on them. I was just trying to set myself up. The last 100 always bites you if you’re not ready for it. Today, some way, I was able to get myself in great position and it worked out well.”
On competing at USATF Outdoors
“The last few times, competing at USAs, it’s been tactical, and I’ve always drawn the short stick and always been outkicked. That’s something I’ve always been working on to try to make it so that I’m not in that position of always getting fourth or fifth. I wanted to make a team, and I want to win the race. Things this year seem to be going well with both the confidence and the body being there, so hopefully more good things will happen.”
Men’s Shot Put
Joe Kovacs, first place
On the event overall
“It was good. It was good to be back on the East coast. I’m from Pennsylvania, so it’s good to have some family here. I was kind of looking forward to having (David) Storl come over from Germany, but I think I knew he was kind of sitting this one out. We can’t really beat having two Diamond League [meets] on U.S. soil, so we don’t have to travel as much ahead of USAs and that’s going to be heck of a competition, so it will be a little easier on us.”
On how this prepares him for USATF Outdoor Championships
“It’s a good tuneup, and I’m excited to start backing off the weights and getting ready to peak for USAs because we are always regarded as the toughest team to make because so many guys have the A standard. But I look forward to that too because if you can make the team, you know you will do well at World Championships.” 
Women’s 200m
Tori Bowie, first place
On the race overall
“My main goal was to execute the race, and I feel like I did a good job (with) that today. After the turn, I just wanted to run for me life like someone was chasing me, and that’s what I did.”
On how this prepares her for USATF Outdoor Championships
“It gives me confidence, and I can do way better than the time that I ran today. (I was running) into like a 2.8 headwind. I’m not really sure which event I’ll be able to do at nationals, so I’ll have to decide in these next two weeks.”
Men’s 100m
Tyson Gay, first place
On the race overall
“I’m glad I came out with the victory. But in the same breath, I’m tired. It felt great. I knew there were some great starters in the race, and I knew they had a lot of heart.”
On running against a strong headwind.
“I have a lot of fight in me, always try to run through the tape, and whatever happens-happens, so I’m really happy I got the victory.”
On how this prepares him for USATF Outdoor Championships
It was a competitive race, and I know USAs will be competitive. I’m looking forward to it, and going from there.”
Women’s 800m
Ajee Wilson, first place
“I’m definitely happy with the time. It’s close to my PR a couple weeks ago in Eugene, so any times under 2:00 I’m happy with. Just starting, my coach told me to get behind the rabbit, and if I have the lead when she peeled off, just stay relaxed and stay poised.
On how this prepares her for USATF Outdoor Championships
“I’m hopeful that I will make the (World Championships) team and that I’ll be ready to compete.”
Chanel Price, third place
On the race overall
“It was an amazing race. Ajee (Wilson) did an amazing job and the rabbit did an amazing job. I just really wanted to work on my finish and get under 2:00. It was just all about building my confidence as we go into USAs. The mental aspect of the sport is so important, so I just wanted to come out here and PR and go into USAs with some confidence.”
On the 800m being one of the deepest events and hardest events to make for Team USA
“It’s exciting because I like how it’s anybody’s day. It’s who has it on that given day. I don’t really like the whole favorites thing. Like I said, it’s anybody’s day and anyone can make that team, and I love that.”
Women’s 100m Hurdles
Sharika Nelvis, first place
“It felt great to get out there and get the win with a good time in the head wind. Just wanted to remain calm and focus, and I did that.”
Men’s 110m Hurdles
David Oliver, first place
On the race overall
“It was cool, trying to work on some new start steps. I didn’t really pull it off, so I just ran and was able to win, run a decent time and get four points, which is the most important thing.”
On preparations for USATF Outdoor Championships
I’m really going to just try to get my start steps together. The first steps out of the blocks I tried to execute it, but I just didn’t get it today. But that’s okay, I guess that’s what practice is for.  
Jason Richardson, second place
On the event overall
“Today was just about execution with the headwind being so strong. You just want to kind of run your own race. I’m hugely blessed that we have such a big meet in the U.S.”
On how this is preparation for USATF Outdoor Championships
“It is critically important that this is the penultimate step for USAs, so it just lets me know that I have another chance at another birth for World Championships. From there, you represent the red, white and blue, and we usually come away with a hurdle medal because we are that strong. I’m just trying to do my part.”
Men’s 800m
Boris Berian, second place
On the race overall
“It felt good. I was pretty nervous before the race, but I just told myself to have fun and just give it all you’ve got. That’s what I was telling myself and I was kind of relaxed. It’s another race, really running against fast people.”
Women’s 1000m
Erin Donahue, first place
“Coming in, I didn’t really know what to expect since I have not race in front of a big crowd since 2011. I wanted to try and be in the lead with 200 to go, and I think I execute that race plan well today. Now, it’s just time to tune everything up before running the 800 at USAs.”
Women’s 1 Mile
Christina Aragon, first place
“It was really exciting, competing on the track right after Usain Bolt, and the crowd was going wild. I felt much more comfortable in the race than I did at Pre, and I think that experience helped me run well today.”
Women’s 3,000m Steeplechase
Ashley Higginson, second place
“This was just a race for me. I wanted to come in and compete and not worry about the time, and I was happy with how things went. I will just be training for the next few weeks, and then it’s off to USAs.”

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