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USA'S World Masters Team wins 57 golds, 160 medals, sets 6 world records at Lyon WMA Championships


LYON, France --  Team USA won 57 golds and 160 medals overall at the World Masters Athletics (WMA) Championships just concluded over a two week span in Lyon, France.  The American team of 426 also set six world records, four individual and two relays. 8078 athletes from a record 98 countries participated.

World marks were broken by Flo Meiler of Shelburne, VT in the W80 Heptathlon as well as the 2000 Steeplechase; Rita Hanscom of San Diego, CA in the W60 Heptathlon; and Kathy Bergen, La Canada, CA, W75 200 meters. In addition, Bergen tied the world mark in the high jump. Christel Donley, Colorado Springs, CO, also broke the W80 heptathlon mark while second to Meiler.

In the relays, the USA women's relays team could not be stopped, setting two world marks, in the 4x100 with Chrystel Donley, Flo Meiler, Fei-Mei Chou, and Irene Obera; and in the 4x400 with Chou, Mary Harada, Donley, and Obera.

Highlights of the meet, according to USA Masters Chair Gary Snyder, who headed the delegation, and Phil Greenwald, co-team manager with Mary Rosado, included Irene Obera's five golds, two relay golds, and two world record relays; Flo Meiler's six golds with two relays plus two silvers; Rita Hanscom's four individual golds and world mark; and the U.S. relay teams winning nine golds, six silver, four bronze and setting two world records.

Other highlights included Bruce McBarnette winning his 12th high jump world title, the most of any high jumper in history; and in the work that few see, Greenwald's administrative expertise in reversing a disqualification of a US hurdler for hitting a hurdle by filling out the form as the flag went up, citing chapter and verse in the rules allowing it if unintentional and providing three separate videotapes proving it was unintentional; Snyder (who also competed) generating a team hotel and continuing his tradition of a team party with hundreds of participants; and USATF Masters Treasurer Carroll Deweese being called on by World Masters Athletics Association President Stan Perkins to make the motion at the WMA meeting for approval of all committee reports.

In addition, Snyder thanked USATF for providing, for the first time, free team uniforms to the full world masters team.  Other highlights included seeing the return of formerly injured masters athletes again being world stars, including MTF Vice Chair Robert Thomas, who won several medals, proving dedication to the masters mission of lifetime fitness and health through training and competition.

Many team members noted the remarkable, supportive atmosphere in full stands at the main track stadium with thousands throughout the meet, helped by pulsating music building to crescendos during each event.

There was a buzz of excitement all around the meet when the NEW YORK TIMES ran a feature article and slideshow on the meet on the web and in the Sunday, August 16 Sunday print edition. The piece was titled, "Age-Defying Athletes": Photo-essay by photographer Angela Jimenez with over TEN photographs, and states, ""Racing a Clock While Scoffing at Time at the World Masters Athletics Championships, Competitors in their 60's, 70's, and 80's gave new meaning to peak performance."  The article led with descriptions and photos of American multi-eventer Flo Meiler and included Rita Hanscom, Christel Donley, as well as other world stars.

Throughout the meet, the USA was in a pitched battle with Britain for third among the 98 teams in both golds and overall medals. At the end, they were essentially tied, with various relays and team event competitions still being tabulated. France and Germany were in a similar battle for first and second.

WMA LYON 2015 WINNERS (compiled by Mary Trotto, MTF Awards Chair)



PL     Name                          AGE HOMETOWN                                    

Event                Performance

3   Ayala-Troncoso, Carmine    W56      Austin,TX                  

8k X-C                      31:35,00                        

2 Hurrell, Lynne                    W81      Grass Valley,CA                          

8k X-C                      48:46,00                      

1 Teague, Elizabeth        W41      ElPaso,TX                      

WEIGHT            13,55m                      

1 Meiler, Florence            W81      Shelburne,VT                  

HEPTATHLON          5730 WR

2 Donley, Christel                    W80      Colorado Spr.CO

HEPTATHLON            5135 WR

1 Hanscom, Rita              W60      San Diego, CA

HEPTATHLON        5989 WR

2 Guest, Rachel                  W40    Surprise,AZ

HEPTATHLON          5468 Pts

1 Goldhammer, John      M62        Claremont, CA

WEIGHT                20,26m

1 Finsrud, Carol                  W58      Lockhart,TX            

WEIGHT                13.59M  

1   Meiler, Florence        W81      Shelburne,VT        

TRIPLE JUMP      5.91M

2 Donley, Christel                     W80      Colorado Spr.CO

TRIPLE JUMP              5.70M

3 Bernert, Brandi                     W36          Denver, CO

100m                         12.66

1 McGowan, Emmanuelle  W47     Hanover PK.,IL

100m                       12.85

3 Matthews, Brenda                   W66          Anaheim, CA

100m                            15.29

1 Bergen, Kathy           W75          LaCanada, CA

100m                        16.31

1 Obera, Irene               W81       Fremont,CA

100m                        17.57

2 Ridley, Babatunde                 M37         Hyattsville,MD

100m                         10.87

1 Pendland, Reggie          M46          Dallas,TX

100m                        11.24

1   Tissenbaum, Allan                  M55              Pittsburgh, PA

100m                          12.05

2 Brown, Kenton               M70      Austin,TX

100m                          13.20

2 Richards, Dick                    M81        Encinitas, CA

100m                         15.02

1 Hanscom, Rita                W61    San Diego,CA

HIGH JUMP            1.36m

1 Goldhammer, John          M62 Claremont,CA

HAMMER                 56.42m    

3 Mathews, George                   M72       Snohomish, WA    

WEIGHT                        18.81m

1 Frost, Carol                     W70     ASHLAND,NE

JAVELIN                        25.58m

1 Cohn, Linda                     W61    Northridge,CA

JAVELIN                        34.11m

2 Peterson, Stefan                    M46    FRISCO,TX

JAVELIN                    58.35m

3 Donley, Christel                    W80    COLORADO S.,CO

JAVELIN                    13.46m    

2 Bergen, Kathy                   W75    LaCanada, CA

HIGH JUMP             1.20Tied WR

1 Donley, Christel          W80     Colorado Spr.,CO  

HIGH JUMP               1.06m

2 Meiler, Florence                  W81    Shelburne, VT

HIGH JUMP                1.02m

1 McBarnette, Bruce        M55    STERLING,VA

HIGH JUMP          1.78m

3 King, Daniel                          M56        Roanoke,VA

5000M                      17:04,14  

2 Talcott, Dave                    M55        Oswego,NY

5000M RW                 25:33,56  

3 Swarts, David                  M50        Jackson,MI

5000M RW           23:57,40    

2 Moremen, William                   M87        Claremont,CA

5000M RW                 37:20,85  

2 Martino, Marianne                 W65       Littleton,CO

5000m RW                 30:30.64    

2   Coushay, Brian                         M51      Beaverton, OR

DECATHLON            7101 Pts

3 Janusey, Michael            M57   Venetia, PA

DECATHLON            6861 Pts

2 Baker, Robert                  M70 Metairie,LA

DECATHLON            5957 Pts

1 Meiler, Flo                        W80 Shelburne,VT

POLE VAULT            1.80m

1 Hanscom, Rita                W60    San Diego,CA

POLE VAULT            2.70m

3 Gentile, Christine             W45      Castle Rock,CO

800                          2:22.15

2 Chaplin, Lesley                 W57        Atlanta,GA

800                          2:38.12

3 Berra, Nicholas                M46        Enola,PA

800                          2:02.66

3 Lindsley, Frederick        M70     Grand Terrance,CA

800                          2:37.71

3 Moremen, William             M87   Claremont,CA

10000m RW        1:18.16.00

3 Swarts, David              M50       Jackson,MI

10000m RW          48:34.00      

3 Talcott, Dave              M55  Oswego, NY

10000m RW          52:35.00

2 Martino, Marianne          W65 LITTLETON,CO

10000m RW          1:00.59AR

3 Taylor-Talcott, Erin        W37      OSWEGO,NY

10000m EW          52:03.00

2 Sinkovec, Rita                 W75 EVERGREEN,CO  

10000m RW            1:16.35

1 Hurrell, Lynne           W81   Grass Valley,CA

800m                    3:57.18

3 Harada, Mary                W80 West Newbury,MA        

800m                        5:27.84

1 LeBourne, Anslem          M56 Maplewood,NJ

800m                    2:04.79

2 Knerr, Ray                    M55    Ventura,CA

800m                        2:05.29

2 Hiney, Bill                  M70 Southold, NY

DISCUS                        43.54M

3 Hardison, Ellyn              W72      Topanga,CA            

POLE VAULT              1.25M

2 Dussett, Antwon          M39 PEORIA, IL

200M                        22.00

2 McGowan, Emmanuelle   W47     Hanover PK.,IL

200m                          25.91

3 Bridges, Lee                  M45 HOMEWOOD,IL

200m                        22.89

3 Yelverton, William          M55 Murfreesboro, TN

200m                          25.08

3 Matthews, Brenda           W66 Anaheim, CA

200m                          32.40

2 Blake, Carroll                M65     Jamaica Plain,MA

200m                          27.47

1 Bergen, Kathy                W75 LaCanada, CA

200m                33.79 WR

3 Lida, Bob                      M75 Wichita, KA

200m                        29.61

1 Obera, Irene                  W82 Fremont, CA

200m                      37.29

3 Myers, Joseph              M63 White Plains,TN                                                                                                          

SHOT                        14.42m

2 Sasser, Glenn                M70 Wrightsville Bch,NC

SHOT                        13.60m

1 Muller, Tim                    M65 Scottsdale,AZ

SHOT                  14.15m

1 Wiltshire, Rodney          M65 NEW YORK,NY

300m LONGHURDLE  48.00

1 Haywood, George          M62 WASHINGTON DC

300m LONGHURDLE   45.31

3 Wilson, Thaddeus         M64      OXNARD,CA

300m LONGHURDLE     45.91

2 Hanscom, Rita              W61      SAN DIEGO,CA

300m LONGHURDLE     56.35

2 Upshaw, Joy                  W54     Lafayette, CA

300m LONGHURDLE     49.03

1 Obera, Irene                   W81 FREMONT,CA

200m LONGHURDLE   41.19

2 Meiler, Florence             W81 SHELBURNE,VT

200m LONGHURDLE     53.75

3 Dittmar, Brad                M45 ANKENY,IA

400M LONGHURDLE     58.41

2 Garner, Reggie               M55    ARLINGTON, TX     

400m LONGHURDLE   1:02.53

1 Hanscom, Rita              W60   SAN DIEGO,CA

LONG JUMP           4.34m  

3 Guest, Rachel                W40    SUPRISE,AZ

LONG JUMP              5.56m

1 Fruguglietti, Ralph     M60  BAKERSFIELD,CA

DISCUS                  57.16m

2 Goldhammer, John       M62    CLAREMONT,CA

DISCUS                  51.60m

3 Mims, Inka                    W55 SMARTSVILLE,CA    

10000M              41:31.83

2 Donley, Jerry                M85   COLORADO SPR.,CO

POLE VAULT            1.60m

1 Hurrell, Lynne            W81   GRASS VALLEY,CA

10000m            1:01:22.26

2  McDonald, Sue             W52      GOLETA,CA

HIGH JUMP                  1.51m

1 Obera, Irene                   W81     FREMONT,CA

LONG JUMP              2.91m

2  Meiler, Florence              W81     SHELBURNE,VT   

LONG JUMP              2.82m

1  Richards, Dick             M81     ENCINITAS, CA

LONG JUMP              3.78m

2  Frost, Carol                   W70 ASHLAND,NE

SHOT                      10.12m

1  Finsrud, Carol               W58 LOCKHART,TX

DISCUS                  38.20m

2  Hearn, Edward              M66     WILMINGTON,NC

JAVELIN                  46.33m

2 St Jean, Jennifer          W40    DARIEN,CT

1500M                    4:37.08

1 Goldhammer, John         M62   CLAREMONT,CA          

THROWS PENT    4596 pts

1 Frost, Carol                W70   ASHLAND,NE

DISCUS                  26.86m

3 Klopfer, Goetz             M73    EUGENE,OR

20K RW                2:11:31.00

3 Acosta, Carlos             M81 HOLLEYWOOD,CA  

20K RW              2:40:49.00

2 Moremen, William            M87   CLARMONT,CA

20K RW              2:51:15.00

2 Martino, Marianne      W65 LITTLETON,CO

20K RW AR     2:07:40.00                                                                                              

2 McGowan, Emmanuelle   W47    HANOVER PK,

400m                        59.02

3 Daprano, Jean                  W78  FAYETTSVILLE,GA

400m                     1:31.80

1 Sluys, Daphne           W55   BELLINGHAM,WA

400m                  1:07.00

2 Obera, Irene                 W81   FAIRMONT,CA

400m                     1:34.90

3 Chou, Fei-Mei                  W80   SONNYVALLEY,CA

400m                     1:54.95

1 Bridges, Lee              M48    HOMEWOOD,            

400m                  50.79

2 Boda, Francois           M51   MIDWEST CITY,OK

400m                         52.63

3 Yelverton, William          M55   MURFREESBORO,TN

400m                      55.30

3 Hardison, Steven            M65 FRESNO,CA

400m                         1:01.86

2 Pierce, Roger                M70    ESSEX,MA

400m                         1:03.36

1 Guest, Rachel            W40 SURPRISE,AZ

80m SHORT HURDLE 11.67

2 8088 Upshaw, Joy    W54 LAFAYETTE,CA    

80m SHORT HURDLE 12.83  

2 7851 Hanscom, Rita W61 SAN DIEGO,CA

80m SHORT HURDLE 13.66

1 7797 Drummond, Don   M46     NORCROSS,GA  

110 HIGH HURDLES   15.27  

2 7887 Jamrich, Milan M65 HOUSTON,TX

HIGH JUMP              1.56m

1 Beck, Wendell           M57  MESA,AZ

POLE VAULT            4.05m

3 7750 Campbell, Dale M61      FRESNO,CA

2000mSTEEPLE    7:15.39

1 7714 Bellaire, Cheryl      W56 WAYNE, PA

2000mSTEEPLE       8:50.90

1 Meiler, Florence              W81   SHELBURNE,VT        

2000mSTEEPLE 15:43.23WR

3 Ohler, Makie              W53    NEVADA CITY,CA

½ MARATHON        1:27:02.00

3 Shemyakina, Elena          W56      GENEVA,IL

MARATHON            3:20:05.00





W75 GOLD medal team consisting of Rita Sinkovec, Chase and Capps gold

W65 gold Marianne Martino, Geer and McGuire

W70 silver Lynn Juarez, Hults and Stromberg


TEAM SCORING: Cross Country


CARMEN Ayala-Troncoso, INKA Mims; ELENA Shemyakina


Track Relays

4 x 100M


           1 United States of America                                  50.87

1) 7949 McGowan, Emmanuelle 47 2) 7766 Clark, Beth 49

             3) 7913 Konrad, Evelyn 48      4) 8088 Upshaw, Joy 54



2 United States of America                                  57.94  

1) 7929 Loyd, Susan 57          2) 8016 Richburg, Ginny 56

3) 7819 Fox, Vicki 56          4) 8052 Sluys, Daphne 55



1 United States of America                                  1:21.06 WR

1) 7794 Donley, Christel 80    2) 7956 Meiler, Florence 81

3) 7765 Chou, Fei-Mei 80        4) 7981 Obera, Irene 81



           2 United States of America                                    42.68

1) 8017 Ridley, Babatunde 37    2) 7767 Clark, Dedrick 36

3) 8090 Veale, Ivory 43        4) 8003 Pittman, Lyndell 43



           2 United States of America                                    45.20

1) 7700 Aurelien, Clinton 49    2) 7837 GosS, Duane 49

3) 8074 Thomas, Robert 48      4) 7797 Drummond, Don 46



           1 United States of America                                  47.10

                 1) 7792 DiSalvo, Tony 55        2) 7773 Cottong, Brent 58

3) 7764 Chinn, James 56        4) 8077 Tissenbaum, Allan 55



           2 United States of America                                1:01.12

1) 7993 Pawlik, Emil 76        2) 7775 Cozens, Robert 79

3) 7924 Lida, Robert 78        4) 7901 Kaspari, Bill 80


4 X 400M RELAY

       2 United States of America                                  4:10.95

1) 7949 McGowan, Emmanuelle 47 2) 7780 Daley, Lisa 45

       3) 7913 Konrad, Evelyn 48            4) 7832 Gentile, Christine 45


          1 United States of America                                  4:40.90

1) 7819 Fox, Vicki 56        2) 7929 Loyd, Susan 57

3) 7932 Macneal, Alina 56      4) 8052 Sluys, Daphne 55



           1 United States of America                                  8:39.32 WR

1) 7765 Chou, Fei-Mei 80        2) 7853 Harada, Mary 80

3) 7794 Donley, Christel 80        4) 7981 Obera, Irene 81



           1 United States of America                                  3:48.33

1) 7764 Chinn, James 56        2) 8116 Yelverton, William 55

3) 8077 Tissenbaum, Allan 55    4) 7773 Cottong, Brent 58


Source: Robert Weiner Associates and USATF Masters Media Committee

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