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USA vs. the World post-race press conference transcript


Porscha Lucas

On edging Jamaica at the finish line

“We had a sticky handoff, so once I got the baton, I just told myself I had to go and run past the finish line. That’s what I tried to do and honestly, I didn’t even know who won. It was such a close race. I almost dove for the line and hoped I got to the finish line first.”


On winning a race at USA vs. the World

“It feels great. Being able to represent the USA in such a big meet, having the crowd cheering you on as you’re running, it’s a great feeling. I’ve been at this meet several times and I’ve been successful every time, so it’s great to carry on that tradition.”


Kaylin Whitney

On how close the women’s 4x1 was

“The race was pretty close all the way around the track. When my handoff came, I knew it was time to go. I knew I had to pick up ground and try to catch her but it didn’t happen today. I think if I had a few more meters, I could have gotten her but not today.”


On her first Penn Relays

“It was more than I expected. Walking into the stadium for the first time and seeing all the fans cheer. It’s definitely exciting and it made me real excited to run today. It shows these fans are passionate about the sport. They have their flags and their horns and whatnot. It’s exciting.”


On the transition from high school to professional track

“It’s definitely a learning process, going from high school to professional track. I’m just taking it day by day and being the best I can be. My high school prom is today, so I’m missing that, but I’d rather wear this uniform any day.”


Justin Gatlin

On what competing at Penn does for training

“I can’t speak for the people who don’t come to Penn Relays, but for those that do, it kind of gives you that gap between your training and competition mode. It kind of helps get your confidence where you need to be. So it’s a great place to come. Penn Relays is unique. There can be no other meet that can duplicate what Penn Relays brings to the track and field community.”


On running second leg

“Everyone likes me on second leg for the most part, unless it comes to a rivalry or a dual. I like second, I’ve always been a second leg kind of guy, even through college. I feel that fire and feel that pressure. I have to be ready to go right then and contribute to my team right in the thick of things and I like that.”


Wallace Spearmon

On running the 4x200m

“I’ve been trying to get a 4x200 together since 2006, where I actually got a piece of paper and made people write their names down if they’d compete in a 4x2. [Justin] is the first guy I asked and he didn’t run a 4x2 today but I’ll get to run with him next week [at World Relays]. This is my first time back here since 2012 and I forgot how exciting it was. When they started running, Coach [Dennis Mitchell] had to come get me and tell me to sit down because he was afraid I was going to get hurt. I was just running alongside the inside of the track, just excited and jumping up and down. Like Justin said, for me, Penn Relays is like this gap to bridge the season. It’s one of your last fun races before things get serious. But I love the atmosphere. The fans are great. The Jamaicans come out and support their country, but I like them because they support good competition as well.”


Ryan Bailey

On running anchor against Jamaica’s Asafa Powell

“I didn’t see him. [laughter] No, we had a great team. Unfortunately for them, it wasn’t a closer race so we could have a real race but my team got me the stick first and I just ran my leg.”


On if he likes the anchor leg

“You can put me anywhere and I’m going to run it. I’ll run anchor all day.”


Mike Rodgers

On the relay team’s performance

“It was a very exciting finish. We got the baton around the track, which is always the main concern with us. Heading into World Relays, we didn’t get a qualifying time last year and didn’t get the standard, so we had to get the baton around the track to get the time. Going into next week, I’m feeling pretty confident about what we can do. I feel like we didn’t have our best team on the track as of yet, but I think by next week, we can figure that out.”


On World Relays

“We have unfinished business at World Relays. I didn’t even get to compete last year because we didn’t make it out of the first round. I’ve been anxious since last year to compete at World Relays. I feel like we’re going to put the best team we can on the track and shoot for a new American record and World record.”


On his comfort with running the first leg

“I’ve been leading off every year we have come to Penn Relays and every year, we have won. So it feels good to be 4-0 at Penn Relays when I lead off. I prefer to run the opening leg. Whatever they need be to do, I’ll do to the best of my ability.”


Patrick Feeney

On competing for his first national team

“It was such an honor to be able to come out here and represent the U.S. My biggest dream is to be able to do that. I got kind of a late notice to come out here for Penn Relays. When I heard. I was the anchor, I just knew I needed to hold it down and trust my training. I knew I was in good shape.”


On getting the baton shoulder-to-shoulder with Bahamas

“Since it was dead even, I knew it was going to be a great race and my teammates did a great job of getting it to me. So I knew I was going to be in a good spot to trust my training and come through. To beat me, they’d have to run a very good split because I knew I had to run well. Coming off that last turn, I was feeling good and the crowd was chanting USA. It was unbelievable. It was so much fun.”


On anchoring Team USA to victory on the final race of USA vs. the World

“I’m kind of speechless right now because I didn’t think I’d be anchoring. Once I found out I was, I was kind of nervous, but I knew it would be a fun race and it was a dream come true to cross that line first wearing a USA uniform. I just had to tell myself to have fun with it, don’t be nervous, you’re running with a great group of guys and you’re in great shape. Trust your training and you’re going to be fine. It was a fun experience in all.”

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