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USATF Course Certification - Policy on Changing Name of a Certified Course

Name Change requests for a Certified Course (adopted Jan 20, 2009)

There are three situations to address.

  1. The original race asks for a name change and a new Certificate.
  2. A new group secures written permission from the old group to change the course name and have their own Certificate.
  3. Another group wants to use this course and request their own Certificate.

For #1 & #2 they will follow this procedure

They should produce the original Certificate (with the map on back) and resubmit a new map with their name (the course ID Number should be removed) to the Regional Certifier along with a $10 fee. Then the Regional Certifier will issue a new Certificate ID Number that will start with the year the original course was certified followed by a 9. Example: the original ID# was AZ06001GAN, hence the new ID# would be AZ06901GAN. The new certificate would be submitted to the Vice Chair with the normal fee. The old course would not be taken off the list of Certified Courses, but the new course would now be listed.

For #3 they will follow this procedure

It must be remeasured and follow the normal protocol. The old course will remain on the list!

However, the RRTC encourages generic names for courses and discourages changing those names. Please note that anyone can use another’s Certified Course as all the RRTC did was to Certify the course.

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