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USATF Course Certification Software

Measurement Calculation Computer Program

This is a computer program that helps calculate results of Calibrated Bicycle measurements of road running courses, computing more quantities than you would probably do yourself with a hand calculator, and putting the results in a neat report. It is available for both PC and Mac. The software packages include README files and a number of sample measurement files.

  • PC version
  • Mac version (doesn't work on current Mac models)

Decompress the above downloads with WinZip or PKZIP (for PCs) or StuffIt Expander (for Macs)


  • Calculates results for either one or two measurements, by either one measurer or two different measurers.
  • Has four options for calculating distance: by larger or average constant, with or without 1.001 factor. Thus, the program is usable for both ordinary certification measurements and "validation" measurements.
  • Calculates distances for every split-to-split interval for each measurement; also finds sum of the "better" (shorter) measurements of all intervals ("Sum of Shortest Splits").
  • Handles 5 or 6 digit Jones counters; accounts for counter wraparound at 00000 or 000000.
  • Accepts calibration data recorded with or without wheel-freezing. When wheel-freezing is used, lets you avoid duplicate entries.


A limitation of this program is that counter readings on the race course need to form an unbroken sequence; if not, you may need to run the program several times to fully analyze the measurement. Also, the program cannot analyze more than two measurements at a time. In cases of mass measurements (large groups of people), it is usually best to write a custom spreadsheet for analyzing that particular measurement.

This program doesn't have a modern graphical interface. It's an old-style computer program that prompts you for the data and then calculates the results. It does, however, provide a mechanism (editable data file) that allows you to avoid re-entering the whole measurement if you make a mistake during data entry.

Unfortunately, the Mac version doesn't work on any current Mac model. We do intend to get it working again. In the meantime, the only option for Mac users is to download the PC version and run it in Virtual PC if you have that software on your Mac.


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