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Certification Levels 

Each certification discipline adheres to either a set of levels or grades.

Certification Levels

New officials will now start off at the Apprentice level. We've designed the Apprentice level so that new officials can spend time learning a number of events and being exposed to many different areas of track & field. We want to make sure that we're doing all we can going forward to train well rounded officials.

Certification Grades

To better differentiate certain disciplines, we've split the following disciplines off from the main system of certification levels.  These disciplines are certified using a number of grades, customized for each discipline.  In addition, these disciplines have custom requirements for certification.

  1. Referees - All Types
  2. Combined Event Coordinator
  3. Technical Manager
  4. Electronic Recorder
  5. Electronic Measurer
  6. Electronic Manager

Certification Upgrade Criteria
(From the National Officials Committee Certification Regulation)

Criteria Upgrade to Association Level Upgrade to National Level Upgrade to Master Level
Serve in current certification level for at least: 2 years 2 years 2 years
Work a minimum number of meets at the current certification level in the discipline concerned: At least 8 meets At least 10 meets; of which 2 must be outside home Assn, or be Regn’l, Nat’l, or Internat’l meet. Serve as an event head for at least 2 meets. At least 12 meets; of which 2 must be Regn’l, Nat’l, or Internat’l meets; plus 2 more of those, or 2 outside home Assn. Serve as an event head for at least 4 meets.
Have positive written upgrade recommendations from officials worked with or under: From 1 Master or 1 National level official From 2 Master, or 1 Master & 1 National level official From 3 Master level officials
Complete required Rules Reviews with minimum required score: Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test Yes, for overall upgrade; or for a graded discipline with a test
Meet any additional criteria established by your Association: Yes Yes Yes
Meet the certification level definition of being ready to: Take on more responsibility in home association meets Take on more responsibility outside home Assn, & serve as a head official within home Assn Serve as a head official at major regional and national meets


Certification Upgrade Materials

A sample certification level upgrade application is available for individual officials and certification chairs, at this link.  Also available at that link are sample certification level upgrade checklists for various disciplines, showing the skills required for upgrade to the next higher levels.

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