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Retirement FAQs

Who is eligible to retire?
Any athlete enrolled with USATF is eligible to retire at any time.
Who do I notify of my intent to retire?
Any athlete wishing to retire should notify USATF in writing regarding the decision.  The current USATF National Office contact is Talia Mark, Associate Director, Anti-Doping and Community Projects ( The athlete will be provided with a Notice of Retirement form which must be completed and then signed in front of a notary and returned to USATF.  The athlete must also send the Notice of Retirement to USADA.
How will retiring affect USADA Testing policies?
After submitting the Notice of Retirement to USADA, athletes will be removed from the USADA Registered Testing Pool (RTP) and will no longer be required to submit whereabouts forms or complete out-of- competition or in-competition testing.
Any athlete who has committed an anti-doping offense prior to the time of retirement will still be subject to discipline pursuant to governing regulations. 
Will my benefits stop?
Yes, elite athletes enrolled in USOC and/or USATF benefits will be given thirty (30) days’ notice before benefits are cancelled.  Any athlete who is enrolled in the USOC Elite Athlete Health Insurance will have the option to enroll in the USOC’s Continuance Plan for one (1) year or select alternate coverage.
May I return to competition?
Any athlete who later wishes to return from retirement will need to make that decision and comply with all drug tests administered during the relevant period preceding re-eligibility (twelve (12) months) in advance of any planned athletic competition. The athlete must first notify USATF of the decision to return to competition. A Return from Retirement form must be completed by the athlete and submitted to USATF. A statement asserting the athlete’s intention to return to competition must also be submitted to USADA, and the athlete must notify USADA of his/her intent to enroll in the out-of-competition testing pool.  All athletes returning from retirement will be treated as a new athlete to the USADA RTP and will be notified by USADA in accordance with the USOC National Anti-Doping Policies.
Please direct any questions to the appropriate USATF department.
Talia Mark
Associate Director, Anti-Doping and Community Projects
USA Track & Field
130 E. Washington St. Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Sariyu Suggs
High Performance Programs Manager
USA Track & Field
130 E. Washington St. Suite 800
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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