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Rim Rock Farm, a 125 acre property, is a dedicated cross country course managed by the University of Kansas Athletics. The course, consisting of 90% grass and 10% mulch, begins with a 100-meter wide starting line that gradually narrows over the first 700 meters of each race until it bends into a gentle curve towards the upper loops. The starting line, which will be the same for each race, is located on the north side of the upper brome field and is easily viewed from the road and parking lot areas. The path is at least 15 feet wide in all areas; it is 25 feet wide throughout most of the course. Each route is clearly marked with directional signs and split locations. The permanent finish area consists of four chutes, a warm-down area, and a medical zone (see below for course maps). With unique attractions such as two covered bridges, eight steel silhouettes, ponds, dams, and wooded trails, Rim Rock Farm is one of the most diverse and remarkable cross country facilities in the nation.

Course Maps

Course Preview

There will be course previews on Thursday, December 6 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and on Friday, December 7 from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Team Tent Area

Team tent areas are located on the west side of the starting area and to the east of the starting line. Team sites are not permitted in the upper fields.

Spectator Area

Spectators are encouraged to watch the races from several locations on the course. However, areas marked "out of bounds" are not accessible to spectators. Course Marshals will ensure that spectators honor the established boundaries.

First Aid

A medical tent, trainers, doctors, EMCs and an ambulance vehicle will be on-site. The contracted medical staff (Jefferson County Fire and EMT ) and the Sheriff's department have extensive experience working cross country events at Rim Rock Farm. Their expert staff will ensure a safe and protected environment.


Lawrence, Kansas is a city that experiences all four seasons. Generally, the average high for early December is 38 F with an average humidity of 38% and winds from the north at 10-12 mph. Be prepared for any type of condition by bringing attire that is appropriate for much colder and much warmer temperatures.

Parking at Rim Rock Farm

The parking areas at Rim Rock are located on Brome Fields adjacent to the course. The main parking area is immediately north of the starting line, and an auxiliary lot is available to the west of the course. Parking will cost $5 dollars per day per vehicle and will include in/out privileges.

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