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Submitting Results to USATF

As part of USATF's ongoing efforts to provide recognition to athletes and to promote the sport, USATF encourages all events to submit their results. This also fulfills the requirement that sanctioned events submit results to USATF. USATF uses these results in its rankings (e.g., all performances on USATF-certified courses will be included in the City/State Rankings). In addition, these performances will be eligible for world rankings, national age group rankings, records and annual awards presented by USATF and various media outlets. Regardless of the size of your event, your results are important to us and we encourage you to submit them.

Currently, results are not posted on the USATF website, however they are used for database purposes.

E-mail your results in the indicated format (see below) to:  results(nospam)

Please send the results file(s) as attachments and include the following information as part of your e-mail:

Subject line: Indicate the type of results as "Road Running", "Track & Field", "Race Walking", or "Other"

Message body: Include the following information:

  • Full event name
  • Distance for each race (each distance must be sent as a separate file)
  • Event date
  • Event location (city, state)
  • USATF sanction number (national control number), if applicable
  • USATF-certified course number, if applicable
  • Timing company and/or race director contact information (name and e-mail address and/or phone number)

Please name each of the results files using the race name and distance.
(examples: "UnitedWay10km.txt", "UnitedWay5km.txt", "UnitedWayKidsMile.txt")


Long Distance Running and Race Walking (Road)

Format:  A tab-delimited text file for each distance with the following fields (those in red are required):

Field Name Example
Place 1
First name Robert
Last name (first and last names must be in different fields) Smith Jr
Age (as of the day of the race) 35
Sex (M/F) M
Age division and/or other division 30-39, Wheelchair
Official finish time (i.e., "gun time") * 43:27.8
Net ("chip") time, if applicable * 43:20.3
Address 123 Main Street
Hometown Kokomo
State IN
Zip code 46901
Country (if not USA)
E-mail address

* The official finish time is the "gun" time even if "chip" scoring was used. If chip timing was used, please include both gun and chip times in their respective fields.


  • A tab character must separate each field. If a competitor is missing a piece of information (e.g., missing their address), you still must include the tab--each line should have the same number of tabs.
  • All fields must be included in the order shown above.
  • Contact information (address, zip code, e-mail address) is optional and is used to communicate with potential record holders only.
  • Formatting of the time field is very important. The only acceptable format is "hh:mm:ss.ff" (hours:minutes:seconds.fractionalSeconds). Seconds must always be included (i.e., 3:50 will always mean 3 minutes, 50 seconds; it will never mean 3 hours, 50 minutes).
  • If the "Country" is USA, you may leave that field blank. Otherwise, use the standard 3-letter country code abbreviation (e.g, CAN for Canada, MEX for Mexico).
  • RunScore software users can use the "@ToPost.1st" or "@RunUSA.1st" options to create a file in the desired format.


Track & Field and Race Walking (Track)

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